Contributions for the Upcoming Book: Functional Foods and Phytotherapy for Chronic Diseases

Articles will be accepted until December 15, 2006


1. Dr. Megh Bhandari (PhD) Antidiabetic Potential of Nepalese Herbal and Food Plants, Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan)

2. J. Bernatoniene et all. (PhD) The Effect of Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria) Flower Extract and Hypothiazide on Renal Physiological Function in Rats, Department of Pharmaceutical technology and social pharmacy, Kaunas University of Medicine (Kaunas, Lithuania)

3. Dick Bugger Amaranth Advance Nutrition in Africa (USA)

4. M.Aniunas et all. Differencies between food supplements and medicines status in Lithuania, Department of Pharmaceutical technology and social pharmacy, Kaunas University of Medicine (Kaunas, Lithuania)

5. Dr. Earl Mindell The Discovery and Research of the Himalayan Goji Berry and its Many Benefits (USA)

6. Dr. Megh Bhandari (PhD) Antidiabetic Potential of Nepalese Herbal and Food Plants Hokkaido University (Sapporo, Japan)

7. Moris L Silber, M.D. (PhD) Quality Control and Prediction of Nutritional and Pharmacological Value in Herbal Dietary Supplements, Research Professor, Natural Resource Sciences, Washington State University (Pullman, Washington, USA)

8. Dr. Undurti Das (MD) Prevention and Treatment of Cardiovascular Diseases by Nutritional Factors, President and CEO, UND Life Sciences (Shaker Heights, OH, USA)

9. Corn Sprouts and Chinese Tallow Seeds as Sources of Functional Protein Products 

10. K. Ramanauskien et all. Quality Evaluation of the Green Tea Extract and Investigation Antioxidant Activity, Department of Pharmaceutical technology and social pharmacy, Kaunas University of Medicine (Kaunas, Lithuania)

11. Dennis R. Sparkman (PhD) A Dietary Supplement for the Prevention/Reduction of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, President of Southwest Immunology, Inc. (Ennis, Texas, USA)

12. Dr. Valdes-Lozano C. (PhD) and Alejandre-Iturbide Usage of Grain Amaranth as a Source of Modern Diet in Mexico, Insttitute Politecnico National CIIDI Unidad Durango (Mexico)

13. Treskunov K.A. (MD) and Martirosyan D.M. (PhD) Functional Food Products for the Prevention and Treatment of Inflammation, Academician of European Academy of Sciences (Russia), Academician of the International Academy of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions, Founder of Functional Foods Center at D&A Inc. (Dallas, Texas, USA)

14. Dr. Undurti Das (MD) Nutrigenomics, President and CEO, UND Life Sciences (Shaker heights, OH, USA)

15. Dr. Mahmoud Alkhateeb Hypolipidemic Effect and Biochemical Study of Citrullus Colocynthis, King Khalid University, Faculty of Medicine (Abha, Saudi Arabia)

16. Boris Feldkoren (PhD) Diabetes and Non-enzymatic Glicosylation. Functional Food for Preventing of the Proteins Glycosylation, Functional Foods Center (Dallas, TX, USA)

17. Jaime Uribarri (MD) Functional Foods for Diabetes. Mount Sinai School of Medicine (New York, USA)

18.  Akande Olaitan Lateef, Health Benefit of Plantain (Musa Paradisiaca) in Management of Diabetes, President of Herbs n Roots Nig. (Bariga Lagos, Nigeria)

19.  Dr. V. Korsun (MD) and D. Martirosyan (PhD) Curative Nourishment for the  Treatment of Dermatitis, President of Institute of Phytotherapy and Natural Medicine, Academician of Russian Academy of Natural Scienses (Moscow, Russia), Founder of Functional Foods Center at D&A Inc., Academician of the International Academy of Scientific Discoveries and Inventions (Dallas, TX, USA)

20.  Sabrina Zeghichi Mediterranean Diet in the Maghreb, Laboratory of Nutrition, Grenoble University (La Tronche, France)

21.  Nicholas P. Yensen (PhD) Functional Foods for the Integrated Nutrition of Cancer Patients, President of NyPa International Inc., Center for the Investigation of Food and Development (CIAD), (Hermosillo, México); Central Arizona College, Winkelman, AZ, USA

22. Timofeev N.P. (PhD) Ecdysteroids: Usage in Medicine, Sources, and Biological Activity (Review) Collective Farm “BIO” (Koryazhma, Russia)

24. 1Pogojeva A.V., Gonor K.V., Kulakova S.N., Miroshnichenko L.A. Martirosyan D.M. Amaranth Oil Effectiveness in the Treatment of Chronic Diseases, State Institute of Nutrition of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences (Moscow, Russia), Voronezh State University (Voronezh, Russia), Functional Foods Center (Richardson, TX, USA)

25. Sabrina Zeghichi-Hamria, Stamatina Kallithrakab, Mediterranean Diet in the Maghreb Cardiovascular Laboritory of Nutrition, Faculty of Medicine and of Pharmacy, La Tronche. France, Wine Institute of Athens/NAGREF, S. Venizelou 1, 14123, Likovrisi, Athens (Greece)

26. Avula Laxmaiah (PhD), Balakrishna (PhD) and GNV Brhmam (PhD), Intake of Functional Foods and Nutrients Among Urban as well as Rural Population Group in India, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, Indian Council of Medical Research (India)

28. Alice Coner Himalayan Goji Berry (Arlington, TX, USA)

29. Gorashetchenko A. Phytology and Phytotherapy of Inflammation, Hospital of the Scientific Center at the Russian Academy of Sciences (Chernogolovka, Russia)

30. Sonika, S.R. Malhotra and Renu Bala  Sensory Evaluation of Vegetable Amaranth Powder Supplemented Local Preperations of Himachal Pradesh College of Home Science, CSK HPKV (Palampur, India)

31. Shevchenco I.A., Vershinin A.S., Nekrasova V.B., I.M. Magomedov and Martirosyan D.M. Aplication of Food Additives for the Treatment of Blood Circulation System Diseases, Scientific Research Institute of Cardiology (St.Petersburg, Russia), Functional Foods Center (Richardson, TX, USA)

32. Kisel V.P. (PhD), and Treskunov K.A. (PhD) Microdeformation of Molecular and Cell Structures as a Key Mechanism of the Growth and Aging. The Institute of Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, (Moscow, Russia)

33. Farzad Shidfar, Assistant Professor of Nutrition, Effects of roasted soy bean on serum lipoproteins and paraoxonase activity in postmenopausal women, School of Health, Iran university of Medical sciences (Tehran, Iran)

34. Ilze Barene (PhD) et al. The complex technology on products of German chamomile, Riga Stradins University, Latvia.

35. Dr. Jairam Vanamala (Research Scientist Center for Obesity Research and Program Evaluation Associate Member, Intercollegiate Faculty of Nutrition, Department of  Nutrition and Food Science) and Dr. Peter S. Murano (Director of Obesity Center at A&M University) Grapefruit and Carrot: Colon Cancer and Type II Diabetes Prevention, Center for Obesity Research and Program Evaluation, Texas A&M University (College Station, Texas, USA)

36. Dr. Sharon Rabb (PhD) ND 
(Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist) Diet and Nutrition for the Prevention of Diabetes (Dallas, TX, USA)

37. Dr. Parviz Ghadirian (PhD) Nutrition and Cancer (Montreal, Canada)












Last updated: September 30, 2006