8th International Conference

Functional Foods for Chronic Diseases: Science and Practice 

March 15-17, 2011, University of Nevada, 

Las Vegas, USA


Conference Preliminary Program


Tuesday, March 15, 2010


8:00 - 9:00 am

Conference Registration


9:00 - 9:10 am

 Conference Opening

Conference Chairman: Danik M. Martirosyan, PhD, Founder of Functional Food Center, Associate Clinical Professorat at Nutrition and Food Science Department, Texas Woman's University, USA 

9:10 - 9:20 am

Welcome to the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV)

Kelsey Finn, Director, Student Union, Uiversity of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA


Session 1:  Functional Foods for Cancer

Session Chair: Garth L Nicolson, PhD, Professor

9:20 - 9:55 am

Lipid Replacement Therapy: a Functional Food Approach for Reducing Cancer-Associated Fatigue and the Adverse Effects of Cancer Therapy

Invited Keynote Speaker: Garth L Nicolson, PhD, Professor, Department of Molecular Pathology, President of Institute for Molecular Medicine, S. Laguna Beach, California, USA

9:55 - 10:20 am

The Cancer Inhibition Actions of Phytochemicals from Fruits and Vegetables Grown in Egypt

Ahmed M. Aboul-Enein, Professor, Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

10:20 -10:30 am


10:30 -10:55 am

Ceramic Nanocarriers with Modified Lactoferrin for Cancer and Bio-Distribution through MRI
Gary D. Stoner, Ph.D., is Professor of Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). He is
also Director of the Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program in the Cancer Center
at MCW.

Jagat R. Kanwar, PhD.  Head, Immunology and Molecular Biomedical Research Laboratory, Deakin University, Australia

11:05 11:30 am

Cytotoxic Effects of Litsea Cubeba Extracts on Human Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF7.  

Shyang-Chwen Sheu, PhD, National Pingtung University of Science and Technology, Pingtung, Taiwan

Session 2. Functional Foods for Obesity

Session Chair: Wen-Jun Shen, PhD

11:30 - 12:00 pm

Attenuation of Dyslipidemia in Mice Chronically Fed on a Diet Containing Red Kidney Beans (Phaseolus Vulgaris L.)

 Wen-Jun Shen, PhD, Stanford University, California, USA

12:00 - 1:00 pm



1:00 - 1:30 pm

Diacylglycerol for Obesity-Serotonin Hypothesis

Hidekatsu Yanai, MD, PhD, Department of Internal Medicine, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Kohnodai Hospital, Chiba, Japan

1:30 - 1:50 pm

Effectiveness of Weight Control Program on the Healthy Promoting School

Hsiu-Mei Huang, PhD, student, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science, Taipei, Taiwan

1:50 - 2:20 pm

Inverse Correlation Between Leptin Sensitivity and Susceptibility to High-Fat Induced Obesity in Sprague Dawley Rats

Yi Zhang, PhD, Professor, Research Service, Malcom Randall Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Gainesville, Florida

2:20- 2:50 pm

The Effect of High Calcium and Vitamin D Fortified Milk on Anthropometric Indices of Post Menopausal Women Mario V. Capanzana, PhD, Director, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines
2:50 - 3:00 pm  Refreshments


Session 3: Functional Foods for Cardiovascular Diseases

Session Chair: Nilanjana Maulik, PhD

3:00 -3:30 pm Resveratrol: Expanding Roles in Cardiovascular Disorders Nilanjana Maulik, PhD, Professor, University of Connecticut Medical Center, Director of Health Research, Farmington, Connecticut, USA

3:30 - 3:50 pm

Ready to Drink Fortified Juice Resulted in Improved Iron and Zinc Status of Schoolchildren.

Imelda Angeles-Agdeppa, PhD, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Bicutan, Taguig City, Philippines

3:50 - 4:20 pm

Dietary Cinnamon Supplementation and Changes in Systolic Blood Pressure in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes

Mona Boaz, Naftali Stern, Shimrit Heller, Julio Wainstein, Epidemiology and Research Unit, Diabetes Unit, E. Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel

4:20 - 4:30 pm



Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Session 4: Functional Foods for Diabetes

Session Chair: Jennie Wickenberg, PhD, MD

9:00-9:25 am


Ceylon Cinnamon Does Not Affect Postprandial Plasma Glucose or Insulin in Subjects with Impaired Glucose Tolerance

Jennie Wickenberg, MD, PhD, Department of Medicine, Lund University, Malmö University Hospital, Malmö, Sweden

9:25-9:50 am   

Hypoglycemic Effect of an Extract From Date Seeds on Diabetic Rats.

Ahmed El Fouhil, PhD, MD, College of Medicine, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

9:50-10:15 am

Natural Herbal Plant Extracts as Antioxidant and Anticancer Agents in Egypt. 

Hany A. El-Shemy, Professor, Biochemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt

10:15-10:25 am



10:25 -10:45 am

Commonly Consumed Fruits in the Philippines: Are They Good and Safe for Diabetics?

Trinidad P. Trinidad, PhD, Food and Nutrition Research Institute, Department of Science and Technology, Taguig City, Philippines

10:45-11:05 am

Inhibitory Potential of Some Traditionally Consumed Fruits and Plant Materials Against Fructose Induced Glycation of Albumin. 

Snehal Gite, PhD; and Vaishali Agte, PhD, Professor, Agharkar Research Institute, G.G.Agarkar Road, Pune, India


Session 5: Functional Foods in Health and Disease Session Chair: Jagat R. Kanwar, PhD.  


Lipid Profiles of the Skin, Muscle and Liver of Greater Cane Rat (Thryonomys swingerianus): Dietary Implications

Emmanuel Ilesanmi Adeyeye, PhD, Professor and Olufemi Olaofe, PhD, Professor,  Department of Chemistry, University of Ado Ekiti, Ado Ekiti, Nigeria 

11:30-11:55 pm

Bacopa Monnieri Inhibits the Activity of Caspase-1 and 3, and the Matrix Metalloproteinase MMP3

Diana I. Lurie, PhD, Professor, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the University of Montana, Missoula, MT, USA

11:55-1:00 pm


1:00-1:25 am

Analysis of Vitamin C in Fruit Juices in Different Periods and Types of Storage

Daniela Maria Alves Chaud, MD, Professor, Centro de Ciências Biológicas – Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie – São Paulo, Brazil

1:25-1:45 am

Functional Food Availability, a Limitation to People’s Health in Island

Rameshwar Sarma, PhD, Saint James School of Medicine, Kraladijk Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles

1:50-2:15 am

Medicinal and Nutraceutical Properties of Hot Pepper (Capsicum spp.) and Bitter Melon (Momordica charantia L.). 

Mohammad Jalaluddin, PhD, Professor, Department of Agriculture, University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, AR, USA

2:20-2:30 pm


2:30-2:50 pm

Body Composition and its Associated CHD Risk Factors in Apparently Middle Aged Men

Sujatha D; and Venkata Ramana, National Institute of Nutrition, Indian Council of Medical Research, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

2:50-3:15 pm

Fighting Dysphagia with Orally Disintegrating Tablets

Jason McConville, PhD, College of Pharmacy, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX, USA

3:15- 3:40 pm

Effects of Irregular Menstruation on Transport of Folate Mediated by Plasma Membrane Transporters in Syncytiotrophoblast Tissue

Xiaokun Cai, PhD, Department of Pharmaceutics, School of Pharmacy, University of Washington, Seattle, WAashington, USA 

3:40-4:05 pm

Morinda citrifolia L. Improves the Quality of Life in Adults with Osteoaethritis

Mian-Ying Wang, MD, Department of Pathology, University of Illinois College of Medicine at Rockford, Rockford, IL, USA

4:05-4:20 pm Closing

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Session 6: Development of Functional Food Products

Session Chairs: Maulik N, PhD, Professor; and Martirosyan DM, PhD

9:00-9:30 am

Development and Cammercialisation of Specific Functional Food Products

Danik M. Martirosyan, PhD, Founder of Functional Food Center Inc., Aso. Clinical Professor, Texas Woman’s University, Denton, TX, USA

9:30-9:50 pm

Development of Natural Component-Based Unique Functional Foodstuffs with Enhanced Prebiotic Effect

Attila Kiss, PhD, Eszterhazy Karoly College, Egerfood Regional Knowledge Center, Hungary

9:50-10:10 pm

Natural Antioxidant Activity of Commonly Consumed Foods in India and Effect of Heat Treatment of Green Leafy Vegetables 

Dande Sreeramulu, PhD, National Institute of Nutrition (ICMR), Hyderabad, India

10:10- 10:20


10:20-10:40 am

Development of Antioxidant Rich Bakery Products by Maillard Reaction and Newly Described Transformation Products Diana Virag, PhD, Eszterhazy Karoly College, EGERFOOD- Regional Knowledge Center, Hungary

10:40-11:00  am

Characterization of Defatted Maize Germ as a Source of Dietary Fiber and Protein to Develop Functional Bakery Products Muhammad Nasir, PhD, University of Veterinary & Animal Science, Lahore, Pakistan

11:00-11:10 am



11:10am-12:40 pm

Session 7: Posters Presentation Session and Workshop


12:40-1:00 pm

Conference Closing

Danik Martirosyan, PhD, Chairman