19th International Conference of FFC - 7th International Symposium of ASFFBC 

Functional and Medical Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers: Longevity and Quality of Life

November 17-18, 2015, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan

Conference Program

November 17, 2015

8:30-9:00 Registration 

9:00-9:05 Welcome to Kobe University

9:05-9:15 Conference opening 

Session 1: Regulatory issues and health claims: functional food definition and the status of functional foods in the US and Japan. Session Chairs: Yasuhito Shirai, PhD, Professor (Kobe University, Japan) and Hitoshi Ashida, PhD, Professor (Kobe University, Japan)

9:15-9:40 Pamela Starke-Reed, PhD, Deputy Administrator, Nutrition, Food Safety and Quality, USDA. Advances in the functional foods research at the USDA Agricultural Research Service (Invited Speaker).

9:40-10:05 Fukue Seino, PhD, Consumer Affairs Agency, Government of Japan, Japan. Japanese system to regulate functional foods (Invited Speaker)

10:05-10:30 Danik M. Martirosyan, PhD, President, Functional Food Center, Dallas, TX, USA. Definition for functional food by FFC: Creating functional food products using new definition

10:30-10:50 Coffee break

Session 2: Probiotics, prebiotics and intestinal environment. Session Chair: Francesco Marotta, PhD, MD (ReGenera Research Group for Aging, Italy)

10:50-11:10 Doman Kim, PhD, Professor, Seoul National University, Republic of Korea. Enzymatic production of a natural sweetener rubusoside using a thermostable lactase and its uses 

11:10-11:30 Almagul Kushugulova A, PhD, Professor, Center for Life Sciences Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan. Health-promoting functional foods and non-dairy probiotic potential and prospects in Kazakhstan 

11:30-11:50 Tri Dewanti Widyaningsih, PhD, Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology, Brawijaya University, Malang, Indonesia. The effect of jelly drink Black Cincau (Mesona palustris BL) in the treatment of loperamide-induced constipation in wistar rats

11:50-12:10 Thornthan Sawangwan, PhD, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Science, Ramkamheang University, Huamark Bangkapi, Bangkok, Thailand. Glucosylglycerol on performance of prebiotic potential

12:10-12:30 Santad Wichienchot, PhD, Prince of Songkla University, Thailand. Production and evaluation of prebiotics by fecal fermentation in simulated colon system, rat and clinical study 

12:30-13:30 Lunch

Session 3A: Bioactive food compounds: sources and potential health benefits. Session Chairs: Kanekanian Ara, PhD, (Cardiff Metropolitan University,United Kingdom) and Amanda Suddes, PhD (Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd, New Zealand)

13:30-13:50 Kanekanian Ara, PhD, Department of Healthcare and Food, Cardiff School of Health Sciences, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Cardiff, UKBioactive peptides from enzymatic hydrolysis of casein by trypsin and probiotic bacteria 

13:50-14:10 Gründemann Carsten, PhD, University Medical Center Freiburg, Germany. Quality aspects of Lentinula edodes (Shiitake) preparations: Biological and chemical analysis of a functional food mushroom 

14:10-14:30 Mikio Nishizawa, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences, College of Life Sciences, Ritsumeikan University, Kusatsu, Shiga, Japan. The anti-inflammatory effect of the enzyme-treated asparagus extract and its constituents in hepatocytes

14:30-14:50 Jirapa Pongjanta, PhD, Rajamangala University of Technology Lanna, Thailand. Correlation of pasting behaviors with total phenolic compounds and starch digestibility of indigenous rice grown in upper Northern Thailand 

14:50-15:10 Coffee break

15:10-16:10 Session(7A): Poster Presentations (odd numbers)

Session 3B (Continues from Session 3A) 

16:15-16:35 Sandun Abeyrathne, PhD, Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Animal Science and Export Agriculture, Uva Wellassa University, Badulla, Sri Lanka. Use of lysozyme from chicken egg white as a nitrite replacer in chicken meat patties

16:35-16:55 Tung-Hu Tsai, PhD, Professor, National Yang-Ming University, School of Medicine, Institute of Traditional Medicine, Taipei, Taiwan. Preclinical comparative pharmacokinetics of mangiferin in the botanical herbal extract of Anemarrhenae rhizoma, and a multiple herbal preparation

16:55-17:15 Hoyoku Nishino, MD, PhD, Professor, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine, Japan. Multi-functional aspects of fucoxanthin, a natural carotenoid 

17:15-17:35 Mahta Mirzaei, PhD, Department of Food Science and Technology, Shahr-e-Qods Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran.  Antioxidant, ACE-inhibitory and antimicrobial activities of kluyveromyces marxianus protein hydrolysates and their peptide fractions

17:35-18:00 Closing and moving to Takikawa Memorial Hall

18:00-20:00 Banquet at Takikawa Memorial Hall, which will be free of charge for the conference participants


November 18, 2015

Session 4: Functional and medical foods for the management of chronic diseases. Session Chair: Julius Oben, PhD, Professor (University of Yaoundé I, Cameroon)

9:00-9:20 Francesco Marotta, PhD, MD, Professor, ReGenera Research Group for Aging,  Intervention and Montenapoleone Medical Center, Milano, Italy. A fermented papaya preparation: novel avenues in cardiovascular and brain nutritional support strategies 

9:20-9:40 Julius Oben, PhD, Professor, Head of Laboratory of Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Yaoundé I, Yaoundé, Cameroon. The effect of a novel dietary supplement ResArgin™ on various age related conditions in rats

9:40-10:00 Wen-Bin Yang, PhD, Professor, Genomics Research Center, Academia Sinica, Taipei, Taiwan. A new method for aldol-sugar analysis in beverages, dietary and functional foods

10:00-10:20 Abdulatef Ahhmed, PhD, Assistant Professor, Food Engineering Department, Faculty of Engineering, Erciyes University, Kayseri, Turkey. Meat therapy for hypertension: hybrid hydrolysate as ACE inhibitory compounds

10:20-10:40 Coffee break

Session 5: Special session organized by Health Bioscience team of Kobe University: Functional food research in Kobe University and Japan. Session Chairs: Yasuhito Shirai, PhD, Professor (Kobe University, Japan) and Masashi Mizuno, PhD, Professor(Kobe University, Japan)

10:40-11:00 Masashi Mizuno, PhD, Professor, Kobe University, Japan. Anti-inflammatory property of Lactobacillus plantarum 22A-3 through small intestinal epithelial cells 

11:00-11:20 Tiyas Tono Taufiq, Student, and Ro Osawa, PhD, Professor, Kobe University, Japan. An Investigation of the mechanism for utilizing inulin-type fructans by Lactobacillus delbrueckii

11:20-11:40 Ken-ichi Yoshida, PhD, Professor, Kobe University, Japan. Production of functional inositols: conversion of agricultural wastes into value added product 

11:40-12:00 Hitoshi Ashida, PhD, Professor, Kobe University, Japan. Epigallocatechin gallate and its metabolites promote translocation of glucose transporter 4 in the plasma membrane of muscle cells as a preventive mechanism of hyperglycemia by tea 

12:00-12:20 Motofumi Kumazoe, PhD, Kyushu University, Japan. cGMP mediates the effect of green tea polyphenol EGCG

12:20-12:40 Yasuhito Shirai, PhD, Professor, Department of Agrobioscience, Graduate School of Agricultural Science, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan. Diacylglycerol kinase as a target of functional food to prevent and improve diabetic renal dysfunctions

12:40-13:40 Lunch

Session 6: Research and development of new functional food products. Session Chair: Hiroshi Maeda, PhD, Professor (Sojo University, Japan)

13:40-14:00 Hiroshi Maeda, PhD, Professor, Sojo University, Japan. Preparation of function-enhanced vegetable oils 

14:00-14:20 Amanda Suddes, PhD, Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd, New Zealand. Antiproliferative activity of New Zealand propolis flavonoids and caffeate compounds against gastrointestinal carcinomas 

14:20-14:40 Takuma Hayashi, PhD, Professor, Shinshu University School of Medicine, Japan. Preventive effect of ascorbic acid against Tat-dependent HIV-1 replication   

14:40-15:00 Mary Muchiri PhD Student, Food and Nutritional Sciences Department, University of Reading, Whiteknights, Reading, UK. Development of novel probiotic yogurts enriched with orange fleshed sweet potato

15:00-15:20 Coffee break

15:20-16:20 Session 7B: Poster Presentations (even numbers)

16:25-16:55 Panel Discussion: The efficacy and safety of functional foods and bioactive food compounds

Panelists: Ken-ichi Yoshida, PhD, Ro Osawa, PhD, Francesco Marotta, MD, Pamela Starke-Reed, PhD, Danik Martirosyan (PhD), Hiroshi Maeda, PhD

16:55-17:15 Awards and Membership Certificates (Membership for Academic Society of Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds). 

  1. Best Poster Presentation Award (by the Kobe University)
  2. The Academic Society will award the book “Introduction to Functional Foods Science” to the best oral presenters. 

17:15-17:30 Conference closing


*Please note that the program and sessions are subject to change 

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