1. Epidemiology of obesity
  2. The modern mechanisms of obesity

·        Energy metabolism and obesity

·        Neurobiological mechanisms of obesity

·        Microbiological mechanisms of obesity

·        Pathophysiologic Mechanisms of obesity



  1. Obesity and related diseases

·        Type 2 (non-insulin dependent) diabetes

·        Cardiovascular diseases

·        Cancer of the kidney, endometrium, breast, colon and rectum, esophagus, prostate and gall bladder

·        Hyperinsulinemia, insulin resistance, glucose intolerance

·        Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

·        Sleep apnea and other respiratory problems

·        Pregnancy complications

·        Psychological disorders


  1. Contributing factors of obesity

·        Energy metabolism

·        Food intake

·        Modern diet

·        Physical activity

·        Genetics


  1. Macronutrient influences on weight control

·        Dietary fat

·        Carbohydrates

·        Dietary fiber

·        High protein diets


  1. Functional foods for the prevention and treatment of obesity

·        Nutrition-based prevention and treatment

·        The role of minerals, vitamins, anti-oxidants and phytonutrients in a healthy diet

·        Functional foods and prevention

·        Functional foods for the treatment of obesity

·        Formulating weight control functional foods products:

a)      Preclinical research data

b)      Evaluation of human experimental data

·        Breaking news on functional foods for obesity

·        The future of functional foods for obesity and obesity related diseases