19th International Conference of FFC - 7th International Symposium of ASFFBC 

Functional and Medical Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers: Longevity and Quality of Life

November 17-18, 2015, Kobe University, Kobe, Japan


Poster Session

Conference Poster Presentations: Poster presentations give the audience a clear visual of the presenter's work in a simple format. A reasonable size for posters is 90 cm wide by 150 cm high.

Poster presentation recommendations:

  1. Present the title, the author(s), affiliation(s), and a description of the research, along with highlighting the abstract's major elements.

  2. Minimize detail and try to use simple statements. Keep it short and easy to read.

  3. Remember that pictures, tables, and figures are key to any poster display.

  4. If possible, use color in your visuals.

  5. Don't overwhelm the audience with excessive information. Instead, construct a display that enhances the presentation.

  6. At least 50% of the surface area should be used for photos, graphs and diagrams.

  7. Use a clear structure and layout.

  8. Use complementary colors. Use black or dark blue for text. Too much color can be hard to read!

  9. One or two large, high quality photographs attract attention.

  10. Your title should be a condensed statement of the main idea of your poster. It should be large and clear.

  11. Your poster title should be easily readable from a distance of 3-4 meters.  Include author(s) name(s), and address(es).

  12. We recommend the following sections on the poster: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Tables, Figures, Results, and Conclusions.

  13. Please confirm your poster number on the list. The posters with odd number will be presented on Nov.17, and the posters with even number will be presented on Nov.18.

  14. Please put up your own poster in the position indicated by your presentation number by noon of each day. Presentation numbers are already indicated on display panels. Please check your presentation number and be careful to put up your poster on the correct panel. Please use pins to put up posters. Please do not use glue or sellotape.

  15. Please present your work in front of your own poster during the poster session.

  16. The best poster presentation award will be chosen by votes of all participants.

  17. Posters will be changed every day. Please help by taking your own poster down by 17:00. Posters still displayed after the removal time has passed will be disposed of by the secretary the following day.

Posters approved for the presentation:


Ali Khoshbaten

Cinnamaldehyde as protective factor of cardiovascular system via nitric oxide supply in aged rat


Anges Teo

Stability of lutein in protein-stabilized nanoemulsions prepared by emulsification and solvent evaporation method


Atsushi Okada

Efficient isolation of an anti-diabetic agent D-pinitol from soybean plant


Ayami Sato

Annatto tocotrienol induces cytotoxic effect on human prostate cancer PC3 cells via simultaneous inhibition of Src and Stat3


Boris Azantsa

The effect of an extract of Dichrostachys glomerata (Dyglomera™) on metabolic and oxidative stress parameters in normal and steptozotocin induced diabetic rats


Boris Azantsa

The effect of an extract of Dichrostachys glomerata (Dyglomera™) on blood leptin levels of healthy overweight participants


Bora Kwon

The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of Angelica keiskei in mice fed a western diet


Chang-Chi Hsieh

The modulatory effect of chitooligosaccharide on high-fat and high fructose induced non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in murine model


Chanyang Min

The association between dietary flavonoid intakes and obesity among Korean adults


Chia-Wen Hsieh

Combined efficacy of gamma-aminobutyric-acid-producing and exopolysaccharides-producing lactic acid bacteria for improvements of soymilk fermentation


Chiraphon Chaikliang

Evaluation on prebiotic properties of β-glucan and oligo-β-glucan from mushrooms by human fecal microbiota in fecal batch culture


Daiki Hayashi

Effect of vitamin E on diabetic nephropathy in DGKa knockout mice


Eun-Ji Oh

Phlorotannins from brown Alga Ecklonia cava


Mitsue Meguro

Traditional Japanese food can improve the depressive state and daily activity in a case of mild cognitive impairment associated with frontal cerebral blood flow changes


Guodong Shen

Genistein decreases ovarian cancer self-renewal capacity by inhibition of b-catenin/TCF4 signaling


Hae Dun Kim

Effects of Valerian/Hop mixture on sleep architecture in invertebrate and vertebrate


Hai Yan

Heterotrophic mass culture of Chlorella USTB-01


Hai Yan

Effects of dietary Chlorella USTB-01 on growth performance and cecal microbiota in broilers


Hajer Taleb

Date Syrup polyphenols modulate angiogenesis by regulating COX-2 expression in endothelial cells


Hirokazu Tsuji

Equol-producing bacterium, Slackia sp. strain NATTS, for prevention of prostate cancer.


Hyoung-Geun Kim

Sesquiterpenoids and Curcuminoids from Curcuma xanthorrhiza Rhizomes and evaluation of their pharmacological activities


Kyungae Jo

Sleep-promoting effects of a GABA/5-HTP mixture in an invertebrate model


I-Chian Lin

The effects of the isoflavone metabolite equol on the rheumatoid arthritis-induced inflammatory responses and bone erosion in mice


Jahangir Rasel

Combination of Momordica charantia and Cinnamomum cassia reverts high fat diet fed pre-diabetes to normalization in Wistar rats


Jamie Barger

Transcriptional biomarkers of calorie restriction in adipose tissue and modulation by dietary interventions


Jayoung Cho

The effect of food insecurity on the life satisfaction among elderly Korean: Focusing the mediating effect of self-reported health status


Jeong Sung

Limonin protects against OVX-induced bone loss and activates osteoblast functions


Jinwoo Yang

Involvement of heme oxygenase-1 in the anti-adipogenic activity of butein in 3T3-L1 adipocytes


Jinyoung Hur

Tomatidine suppresses osteoclast differentiation through MAPK/c-FOS/NFATc1 pathways in RAW264.7 cells.


Keiko Unno

Anti-stress effect of low-caffeine green tea


Mahta Mirzaei

A novel antioxidant and ACE-inhibitory peptide from Saccharomyces cerevisiae protein hydrolysate


Lucy Lahrita

Piper nigrum L. and Eurycoma longifolia Jack as dual actions
(anti-diabetes and anti-obesity) in 3T3-L1 adipocytes


Mana Kishimoto

In vitro evaluation of immunological properties of extracellular polysaccharides produced by Lactobacillus delbrueckii strains


Marina Ross

Bioactive compounds: Discovery of bioactive components


Masashi Ohtani

Oral administration of whole dihomo-g-linolenic acid-producing Saccharomyces cerevisiae suppresses irritant contact dermatitis in mice


Monira Pervin

Suppression of cognitive dysfunction by green tea catechin


Motoki Murata

New red leaf tea cultivar ‘Sunrouge’ extract suppresses metabolic syndrome


Nao Koizumi

Functional analysis of diacylglycerol kinase theta deficient mice


Naoko Ikuta

R-α lipoic acid γ-cyclodextrin complex increases energy expenditure: A 4-month feeding study in mice


Naomi Nishio

GADD34 works to suppress obesity and fatty acid-induced insulin resistance.


Natcha Phantuwong

Nitric-oxide inhibition and Anti-oxidant activity of Sangyod rice bran hydrolysates obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis.


Nhan Nguyen Thi

Neuroprotective effect of prenylated arylbenzofurans and flavonoids from Morus alba fruits on glutamate-induced oxidative injury in HT22 cells


Phanlapha Pansai

Effect of dragon fruits oligosaccharides on systemic immune and microbiota in rat


Rika Nakai

Curcumin modulates expression of drug-metabolizing enzymes through the AhR and Nrf2 pathways in HepG2 cells.


Rungtip Rattanapon

Improvement nutritional value and bioactivity of ricegrass as affected of priming induced by fish protein hydrolysate


Ruttiya Asksonthong

Evaluation of harmful heavy metal (Hg, Pb and Cd) reduction using Halomonas elongata and Tetragenococcus halophilus for protein hydrolysate product


Sae Yamashita

The anti-allergic effects of Enterococcus faecalis through Toll-like receptor 2


Sanghee Lee

Metabolomic profiling in studying anti-osteoporosis effects of Saururus chinensis on estrogen deficiency-induced osteoporosis in rats by UPLC-QTOF-MS


Shuhei Yamada

Green tea polyphenol EGCG up-regulates microRNA let-7b expression through 67LR


So Yeon Kim

Antioxidant activities of Ribes diacanthum pall extracts prepared by various extraction method


Timaporn Srirattanakul

Increasing of bioactive compounds in Mentha cordifolia Opiz., kitchen mint via ZnSO4 biofortification during plantation


Tomoya Nagano

Effect of catechin metabolites on glucose uptake in myotubes


Vijitra Plongbunjong

Production of isomaltooligosaccharide by single step enzymatic synthesis from rice starch


Yeaji Park

Esculetin attenuates free fatty acid-induced lipid accumulation in human HepG2 cells through modulation of the AMP-activated protein kinase-dependent pathway


Yeon Woo

Anti-inflammatory activities of Ribes diacanthum Pall ethyl acetate extracts in LPS stimulated macrophage (RAW 264.7) cells via MAPK and NF-κB pathway


Yeong-Geun Lee

Ginsenosides from the stem and leaves of hydroponic Panax ginseng and their Inhibition effect on melanogenesis


Yuka Tanino

Oral intake of F-fucoidan from Laminaria Japonica prevents type I allergy through secretion of galectin-9


Tewin Tencomnao

Neuroprotective effect of rice and corn extracts against H2O2-induced neurotoxicity in HT22 murine hippocampal neuronal cells


Kanrawee Hunsakul

Utilaization of tuna roe and using inulin as oil replacer for producing value added omega-3 mayonnaise product


Jeehye Sung

Capsicoside G isolated from pepper seeds suppresses adipogenesis by modulating cell cycle and AMP-activated protein kinase-dependent pathway in 3T3-L1 cells


Bora Jin

The extracts of Cortex mori and Ramulus mori mitigated reactive oxygen species (ROS)-related inflammation and diabetes: in vitro and in vivo studies


Fu-Jie Yang

Regulation of secondary metabolites of anoectochilus Formosanus Hayata with Orchid Mycorrhiza (Rhizoctonia solani)


Saadet Tugrul Ay

Gypsophyla arrostii and Ferulago trachycarpa species from medicinal foods in mediterranean region of “Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation and sustainable use for improved human nutrition and wellbeing” project


Ing-Gin Chen

Regulation of secondary metabolites production of salvia miltiorrhiza with different LED lights in vitro


Bronislava Butkute

Nutritional and bioactive properties of perennial legumes




Isoflavones distribution in plants of genera trifolium, medigo, onobrychis and astragalus