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Online Courses from the Functional Food Center

  1. Introduction to Functional Food Science (Third Edition)
  2. Functional Foods for Chronic Diseases
  3. Functional Foods and Cancer
  4. Bioactive Compounds and Cancer
  5. Functional Foods in Integrative Oncology
  6. Basic Principles in Functional Food Science
  7. Functional Foods and Mental Health
  8. Functional Foods and Viral Diseases
  9. Functional Foods and Healthy Aging
  10. Functional Foods in Obesity Management
  11. Bioactive Food Ingredients in Inflammation and Obesity Management

Why FFC?

The Functional Food Center is the leading organization worldwide for Functional Food Science related education. Since 1998, FFC has focused entirely on functional foods by hosting 30 international conferences around the globe, upholding two open-access journals on Functional Foods and bioactive Compounds: 1. Functional Foods in Health and Diseases 2. Bioactive compunds in Health and Disease. FFC/Food Science Publisher published 40 books including 11 textbooks on functional foods and establishing the Academic Society of Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds (ASFFBC) with more than 7,000 scientists. The Functional Food Center has developed definition of functional foods and can assist you in your functional food career. 

Functional Foods Center tailor-made courses can be designed for:

  • High School Students
  • College Students
  • University Students
  • Teachers
  • Faculty Members
  • Professionals
  • Executives
  • Government Officials

Advantages of taking an online FFC course

  • Sets you apart from other employees from your knowledge of functional foods. By demonstrating an understanding of functional foods, you will be able to use these skills in the workplace.
  • You will be seen as a higher professional for learning new skills and staying up to date on the latest research. Your academic and work background will be of greater quality and more diverse than others. You will be able to be a better marketer in the field of functional foods by showing interest and commitment to the subject.
  • A functional food scientist covers topics that relate to multiple practices such as those for dieticians, physicians, students, researchers and of course those directly in the food science field. Not only are be able to present your achievements as a certificate but you will be emerged in the functional food community.
  • Added on the Functional Food Center’s website and is verified that you have the credentials and certification as Functional Food Scientist
  • Certification could be used to enhance chances of obtaining a university grant, contribute knowledge in writing articles, and gain recognition in hospitals and health care settings
  • After becoming certified you will get a complimentary membership to the Academic Society for 6 months
  • By earning your certification, your name will also be added to the FFC website as a way to showcase your accomplishments
  • FFC's online courses are more affordable than in-person classes
  • FFC's online courses reach a global audience
  • FFC's online courses help learners advance their careers without taking time away from work

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