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FFC's 23rd International Conference and Expo on Functional Foods - 11th Int. Symposium of ASFFBC

Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds, and Biomarkers in Health and Disease:
Science and Practice.

April 24-25, 2018, San Diego Convention Center, San Diego, CA

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Conference Preliminary Program

-Explore San Diego-
April 24th, 17:00-20:30: We will leave for a networking dinner on the beautiful Coronado Island. We will take a 15-minute ferry ride from the Convention Center to Coronado Island. You will be able to walk around many shops and restaurants, sightsee, and view the San Diego skyline across the bay. We will then come together for dinner near the harbor. Finally, we will ferry back to the Convention Center, and stroll around Seaport Village. Both ferries and your dinner will be included in your $50 payment. To submit your payment, please click here.


April 24th, 2018

8:15 -8:45 Registrations

8:45-8:55 Welcome and Opening Remarks: Danik Martirosyan, Co-chairman, PhD: President, Functional Food Center; Dallas, TX, USA.

Session 1: Functional Food Definition, Status, and Regulation. Session chair:

8:55-9:25 Danik Martirosyan, Ph.D., Functional Food Center, USA. FFC's Advancement of Functional Food Definition and Common food definitions associated with “healthy” eating

9:25-9:55 Debasis Bagchi, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Houston, TX, USA. Regulation of functional foods and Nutraceuticals in USA and Japan.

9:55-10:10 Coffee Break

Session 2. (Special Session): Dietary Nitrite and Nitrate. Session chair: Nathan S. Bryan, Ph.D., Session Chair, Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine-Houston, TX, USA

10:10-10:40  James R. Coughlin, Ph.D. President, Coughlin and Associates: Consultants in Food/Nutritional/Chemical Toxicology and Safety, Aliso Viejo, California, USA. Historical Considerations on the Potential Risks of Nitrite and Nitrate to Humans

10:40-11:10 David J. Lefer, Ph.D. Director, Cardiovascular Center of Excellence; Professor of Pharmacology LSU Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, USA. Dietary Interventions to Increase Nitric Oxide and Treat Cardiovascular Disease

11:10-11:40 Norman Hord, PhD, MPH, RD, Head, School of Biological and Population Health Sciences and Celia Strickland Austin and G. Kenneth Austin III Professor in Public Health and Human Sciences, College of Public Health and Human Sciences, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon, USA.  Dietary nitrate and nitrite concentrations in food patterns and dietary supplements

11:40-12:10 Nathan S. Bryan, PhD,Department of Molecular and Human Genetics, Baylor College of Medicine-Houston, TX, USA. Evidence for Consideration of Dietary Guidelines for Nitrite and Nitrate

12:10 – 13:00 Lunch

Session 3: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds for Aging

13:00-13:30 Roel Vonk, PhD, Professor, Department of Cell Biology, UMCG, Groningen, Netherlands. The effect of nutrition and functional food on aging

13:30-14:00 Garth Nicolson, PhD, Research Professor of Molecular Pathology, The Institute for Molecular Medicine, S. Laguna Beach, CA, United States. Clinical effects of hydrogen administration: Molecular hydrogen, disease and cellular aging

Session 4: Functional Foods and Bioactive Compound(s): Prevention and Management of Non-Communicable Diseases. Session Chair: Karen R. Jonscher, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO, USA

14:00-14:30 Maksim Khotimchenko, MD, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, School of Biomedicine, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Russia. Marine Non-Starch Polysaccharides Prevent Heavy Metal Accumulation in Preschool Children

14:30-15:00 Jian-Yong WU, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Applied Biology & Chemical Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong, China. Molecular properties and prebiotic functions of polysaccharides produced by Cordyceps sinensis Fungus Cs-HK1

15:00-15:30 Karen R. Jonscher, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, University of Colorado Denver, Aurora, CO, USA. Role of pyrroloquinoline quinone in altering macrophage metabolic reprogramming

15:30-15:50 Coffee Break

15:50-16:30 Session 5: Poster Session

16:30 Conference Closing

Networking: 17:00-20:30 -Explore San Diego-Networking Dinner on the beautiful Coronado Island


April 25th, 2018

Session 6: Functional Foods and Sport Nutrition, Session chair: Debasis Bagchi, PhD, Professor, University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Houston, TX, USA

9:00-9:30 Manashi Baghchi, PhD, Cepham Research Center, Piscataway, NJ, USA; Dr. Herbs LLC, Concord, CA, USA. Nutrition in Paralympics 

9:30-10:00 Didier Hernández García, PhD Student, Department of Experimental Medicine, University of Lleida-IRBLleida, Lleida, Spain. Ginseng, an ergogenic aid for runners? Ginseng utilization for the improvement of lipid metabolism 

10:00-10:20 Debasis Bagchi, PhD, Professor, Department of Pharmacological and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Houston College of Pharmacy, Houston, TX, USA. Role of Mammalian Target of Rapamycin (mTOR) in Muscle Growth

10:20-10:40 Sreejayan Nair, PhD, Professor, University of Wyoming, School of Pharmacy, College of Health Sciences, Laramie, WY, USA. From Bench to Market: Clinical Studies Needed to Substantiate Claims of Sports Nutrition Products 

10:40-10:55 Coffee Break

Session 7: Functional Foods and Chronic Diseases: Session chair: Jianping Wu, PhD, Professor, University of Alberta. Canada

10:55-11:25 Barat B. Aggarwal, PhD, Professor, Inflammation Research Center San Diego, California, USA. Targeting Inflammatory Pathways Linked to Chronic Disease by Agents Designed by Mother Nature: Food as Medicine

11:25-11:55 Isabel García-Tornadu, PhD, Herbalife International Argentina S.A., Buenos Aires, Argentina. Aloe vera decolorized extracts: Effects on the intestinal barrier

11:55-12:25 Jianping Wu, PhD, Professor, Department of Agricultural, Food and Nutritional Science, Cardiovascular Disease Research Centre, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Food proteins as a source of bioactive peptides against cardiovascular diseases

12:25-13:15 Lunch

Session 8: Current Research and Development of New Functional Food Products. Session chair: Danik Martirosyan, PhD: President, Functional Food Center; Dallas, TX, USA.

13:15-13:45 Jiehui Zhou, PhD student, Diet4Life, Aarhus, Denmark; and Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark. Identification of a food-derived octapeptide from meat proteins that induces signaling in intestinal cells and reduces feed intake in mice by delaying gastric emptying

13:45-14:05 Hairong Cheng, Professor, State Key Laboratory of Microbial Metabolism, School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai 200240, China. Recent progress in functional sugars (erythritol and xylitol) synthesis by the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica

14:05-14:35 Dalal Alghawas, PhD, School of Biological Sciences, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China. Modification of polyunsaturated fatty acid and its mediators in female ApoE-/- mice post oat bran diet

14:35-15:05 WL Wendy Hsiao, PhD, Professor, State Key Laboratory of Quality Research in Chinese Medicine, Macau University of Science and Technology, Macau, China. Restoration of diseased gut microenvironment, stimulation of GPRs and the SCFA-producers in ApcMin/+ mice are associated with the combined treatment of mushroom polysaccharides and herbal saponins

15:05-15:20 Coffee Break

15:20-16:00 Session 9: Poster Session

16:00-16:15 Awards and Certificates

16:15-16:30 Conference Closing

Please note: Schedule subject to change