Receive A Diploma as: Professional In Functional Food Science

Since 1998, The Functional Food Center (FFC) has been a pioneer in the functional food industry, aiding in the research, development, and commercialization of functional food innovations in both domestic and international markets.The Functional Food Center/Functional Food Institute is now offering the opportunity for healthcare professionals, researchers, scientists, students, representatives of the food industry, and the public to take our online courses and receive a specialized diploma as a Professional in Functional Food Science. By taking 5 courses, for 100 credits (20 credits for each course), you can earn this credential. The Functional Food Center/Functional Food Institute is the only educational center that provides an extensive program for individuals wanting to advance their careers in the growing field of functional foods.

Program Missions

  • Our primary goal of the program is to educate students on the health benefits of functional food products and bioactive food compounds to increase their knowledge in this specific field of science.
  • To prepare individuals to practically use functional foods in their career field and in research environments, in order to raise awareness in their relative fields.
  • To prepare individuals to be able to identify between the similarities and differences of healthy, functional, and medical foods.
  • To provide individuals with the knowledge of the definition of functional foods and how to create functional food products, step by step. This background knowledge and steps to making functional food products, is especially important and beneficial for food industry representatives to know.

Benefits of Receiving the Diploma

  • As you become educated in the specialized field of functional food science, you will have the knowledge to help individuals prevent, manage, and treat illness through food, and you will be now have the advanced certification to show that you are an expert in the highly competitive field of the growing area in functional food therapy. This is especially appealing to future employers when applying to positions involving functional food science.
  • This special opportunity offers individuals the ability to learn from textbooks made from the collaborations of many medical experts in the field of functional foods, which allows students to get the most up to date knowledge and research all in one place. You can then practically apply your knowledge and new skills to colleagues in the field.
  • You will get the rare opportunity to have weekly discussions on skype with the professors teaching the online course, and get an in depth understanding of the topic areas. This opportunity can’t be found anywhere else and allows you to collaborate with experts already in the field, and learn the practical steps in formulating functional food products.
  • Receiving the diploma is an excellent way to add the credential to your resume and will put you apart from others in your field when applying to jobs in your area of interest. Advancements can also be made in your career or job prospects since you will have knowledge in functional foods that can be applied to the job.

Some Objectives of the Online Courses  

  • Understand the importance of trans-disciplinary science (food science, nutrigenomics, molecular biology, epidemiology, etc.) for the discovery of bioactive food components and determining its efficacy
  • Understand how functional foods act as potential health benefits and what food sources they come from
  • Identify relevant FDA structure, function, and health claims for new functional food products
  • Understand the effects of bioactive components of functional foods on cancer
  • Understand the latest research on phytochemicals and herbal medicine in cancer, as well as current information on nutrigenomics and cancer prevention strategies
  • Understand the goals of nutrition therapy and nutritional interventions that can aid in the maintenance and improvement of nutritional status in cancer patients and also help in recovery
  • Provide a complete computerized nutritional analysis of new food products with the usage of USDA nutrient databases

Cost of Program

Cost: $2,500.00 USD (cost for each course is 595.00)

*Partial scholarships and group discounts available

**This course may be completed for Continued Professional Development and may be eligible for tuition reimbursement from your employment institution


Our recommendation of the order to take the online courses is as follows. However, you can take them in any order that you prefer. For the diploma, only 5 online courses need to be taken.

How To Receive Diploma After Taking Courses

Before earning your Diploma, you must be able to provide proof of credit. Credit hours should further your understanding of functional foods and how they can be implemented. To show your eligibility, please email with your name, number of earned hours, how you earned those hours and when you would like to set up your final discussion process. The final discussion/interview  is in place of an official exam to receive the Diploma. Individuals will have the opportunity to have the interview/discussion with our Professors, either online through skype, or they can come have the discussion in person at the Functional Food Center.The interview will be given to prove that you have basic knowledge of functional foods including biomarkers, bioactive compounds, chronic diseases relating to functional foods, and how you have researched or implement functional foods in the workplace. We also will want to see that you have the practical and working knowledge of understanding of the steps to producing a functional food product. We will then discuss how you will be using your functional food knowledge and assist you if needed.

Using the Classmarker Site to Take the Courses

Classmarker is a Professional Online Testing Website that Functional Food Center/Functional Food Institute is using to have all of our chapter quizzes, cumulative tests, and resources such as powerpoints, syllabi and final paper assignments uploaded for viewing. Here students can register for an account on classmarker for free, after giving payment for the course to the Functional Food Center, and get set up into a group designated to the online course(s) you are taking, once you are added as a member and sent a username and password to your email. From there,you will be able to view materials and take the quizzes which have scores graded immediately. Everything will be available to you, aside from the separate weekly discussions done through skype with Professors.