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Teaching Partners

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Teaching Partner with the Functional Food Center. We would like to help you with this journey and answer any questions you may have. We have had Teaching Partners in multiple countries already including the USA, Thailand, Spain, Germany, India, Denmark, and Italy. We are looking forward to continuing to promote teaching of functional foods around the world. If you are interested in becoming a Teaching Partner for your country or university, please let us know. The responsibilities and many benefits of becoming a Teaching Partner are listed below.


As a Teaching Partner your duties will include:

  • Becoming certified as a Functional Food Scientist (FFS) through the Functional Food Center
  • Provide at least one course per year
  • Use the textbook provided to make lesson plans and a syllabus for your course to present to us
  • Encourage students to purchase the textbook you are teaching from
  • Provide student contact information, including emails, for us to communicate with them if necessary
  • Administering examinations for certification and sending us the results


The Functional Food Center will help by:

  • Providing learning materials (PowerPoint slides) and textbooks (one free textbook will be provided for the instructor and a discount will be given to students purchasing the textbook). Some textbooks include a syllabus that you may follow for your course.
  • Designing an examination for the end of the course
  • Providing a certificate from FFC and the Functional Food Institute for students upon passing the course
  • Reviewing applications for the Functional Food Scientist Certification for students who complete and pass their course
  • A discount of 50% off for an International Conference of FFC will be given to passing students and teaching partners
  • Providing new research on functional foods through newsletters and information on new journal articles

We look forward to working with you as a Teaching Partner and would like to answer any questions you may have for teaching courses or on how to get started. Please contact us at to get started today.