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Bioactive Compounds and Cancer

This course is extremely important for medical students, food scientists, dietitians, and health care practitioners. It will enable them to discuss food choices for health maintenance and evaluate credible information about food and its role in health promotion, maintenance, and management of cancer.

Course Objectives

By completing this course participants should be able to:

  • Understand the effects of bioactive components of functional foods on cancer

  • Be able to recognize the bioactivity of nano-sized nutraceuticals against cancer

  • Understand the definition and classifications of the different bioactive compounds that aid in the prevention and management of various cancers such as breast and prostate cancer

  • Identify the potential impacts of nanoparticles in regards to phyto-chemotherapy

  • Understand the basics on functional foods and how they are used in the prevention and management of cancer

Topic Outline of the Course

A. Introduction / Bioactive Functional Foods For Cancer

1. Bioactive Functional Foods for Cancer

2. The Effects of Bioactive Compounds on Biomarkers for Cancer

B. Bioactive Compounds on Cancer and Nano-sized Nutraceuticals

3. Effects of Different Bioactive Compounds on Cancer

4. Bioactivity of Nano-sized Nutraceuticals Against Cancer

5. Potential of Phyto-Chemotherapeutic Agents and its Nanoparticles

C. Bioactive Compounds and Their Preventive Roles on Certain Cancers

6. Phytocannabinoids and Breast Cancer: A Systematic Review

7. Isoflavones and its Preventive Roles on Breast and Prostate Cancer

8. Flavonolignans to Prevent Cancer: A Role for Silymarin

D. Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods Roles in the Prevention and Management of Cancer

9. Bioactive Compounds: Their Role in Functional Food and Human Health, Classifications and Definitions

10. Functional Food for the Prevention and Management of Cancer

Teaching Methods

The course is a self taught course with an examination and certification of completion. This allows for participants to learn at their own pace and decide for themselves when to take the exam. All resources including syllabus, textbook, powerpoint slides, and PDF files will be provided after purchase as well as a recommended course of action with which to base the studies. The book provides practice quizzes to help you along the way and to provide feedback on your level of comprehension of the material. Once the participant has completed all included chapters, they can take the exam online which, after receiving a passing grade, will provide a printable certification of completion.

Bioactive Compounds and Cancer - Book Cover


Ongoing upon registration


8 weeks


Online, Functional Food Institute


General Biology, Food & Nutrition, or relevent educational/professional experience


Bioactive Compounds and Cancer, Edited by Danik Martirosyan and Dr. Jin-Rong Zhou


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Dr. Dolores del Castillo, 
Dr. Danik Martirosyan


$595.00 USD

*Partial scholarships and group discounts available

**This course may be completed for Continued Professional Development and may be eligible for tuition reimbursement from your employment institution

Kamon Chaiyasit, PhD, FACN

President of Integrative Nutrition and Herbal Medicine Association in Thailand. He is a Certified Functional Food Scientist, Certificate number: 1001FFC/FFI. The certificate is valid for 3 years, until July 6, 2020

Kamon Chaiyasit

Danik Martirosyan, PhD

President, Functional Food Center/Functional Food Institute, Dallas, TX, USA; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease, Dallas, TX, USA. He is a Certified Functional Food Scientist, Certificate number: 1000FFC/FFI. The certificate is valid for 3 years, until June 1, 2020

Danik Martirosyan