Description of the Course: CBDF

Full title of the course: Cancer Biology and Dietary Factors

Prerequisites: General Biology, Food & Nutrition, or relevant educational/professional experience

Instructors: Francesco Matrisciano, MD, PhD, Dolores del Castillo, PhD, and Danik Martirosyan, Ph.D.

Phone: 469-441-8272


Key Details

Course Dates: Ongoing upon registration

Duration: 8 weeks

Provider Reference Number:

Location: Online, Functional Food Institute

Admission Requirements: General Biology, Food & Nutrition, or relevant educational/professional experience

Required Text: Functional Foods and Cancer: Cancer Biology and Dietary Factors: First Edition, Volume 3. Edited by Danik M. Martirosyan, PhD and Jin-Rong Zhou, PhD.

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Cost: $595.00 USD

*Partial scholarships and group discounts available

**This course may be completed for Continued Professional Development and may be eligible for tuition reimbursement from your employment institution

Course objectives:

By completing this course participants should be able to:

  1. ~Understand the goals of nutrition therapy and nutritional interventions that can aid in the maintenance and improvement of     nutritional status in cancer patients and also help in recovery.
  2. ~Understand the association of cancer and functional foods
  3. ~Identify the biomarkers of cancer and the strategies used for early diagnosis
  4. ~Be able to recognize the dietary factors that may increase or decrease the risk of cancer
  5. ~Understand the environmental effects on food and cancer

Understand how immunity can be enhanced by different types of functional foods

Topic Outline of the Course:

Introduction/Nutrition and Cancer

Nutrition and Cancer: Science and Practice

Dietary Factors and Risk of Cancer

Dietary Factors which may reduce the risk of Cancer

Dietary Factors which may increase the risk of Cancer

Functional Foods and Cancer/Environmental Effects

Common Foods and Functional Foods: Their Association with Cancer

Environmental Effects on Food and Cancer

Functional Foods Enhancing Immunity

Anticancer Effects of Green Tea and Cancer Biomarkers

Anticancer Effects of Green Tea (Camellia sinensis)

Cancer biomarkers: Strategies for Early Diagnosis

Teaching Methods:

The course is a self taught course with an examination and certification of completion. This allows for participants to learn at their own pace and decide for themselves when to take the exam. All resources including syllabus, textbook, powerpoint slides, and PDF files will be provided after purchase as well as a recommended course of action with which to base the studies. The book provides practice quizzes to help you along the way and to provide feedback on your level of comprehension of the material. Once the participant has completed all included chapters, they can take the exam online which, after receiving a passing grade, will provide a printable certification of completion.