Functional Food Certification Course

FFC’s mission

Education about functional food science and its application to everyday life is an important aspect of the Functional Food Center. We are proud to announce two new courses on the fundamental features of functional food science. These courses will correspond to the textbooks “Introduction to Functional Food Science” and “Functional Foods for Chronic Disease.” This course will provide training and certification for professionals and students in the food and nutrition field. The goal of the course is to provide information and application to participants so they are able to share their knowledge with clients and customers as well as apply to the field of study.

How can it benefit your career?
Dietitians & Nutritionists
FFC Certification will provide current functional food research to use in the workplace. Enhance your career opportunities with the latest knowledge in functional foods. You will be introduced to biochemical compounds, the essential nutrients that provide the medicinal properties.  You will gain the unique ability to create a medicinal meal plan of functional foods for your patient or client while receiving continuing education credits.

Food & Nutrition Students
FFC Certification will help advance career opportunities by providing evidence in the medicinal properties of bioactive compounds found in functional foods.  Learn first hand on how bioactive compounds support optimal health, wellness, and disease prevention. You can then bring information to future employers to use in the production of new functional foods or to make meal plans.

Food and Nutrition Professors
This course provides you with the qualification to teach an introductory course on functional foods at a university or accredited institution. With certification, you can request to receive organized lectures and powerpoints designed for the interactive classroom setting and all other materials needed to teach the course. You will be provided with current field research that you can use to further your studies and help your students grow. Textbooks are also for sale for the classroom if you would like to use the textbook for your students.

Food Scientists
Food Scientists gain insight on research in functional foods with the FFC Certification.  Producing new functional foods is a great way to advance your career, increase business opportunities and sales. You will gain knowledge on how to create new functional food products and you have an opportunity to learn new function/structure claims for your packaging.  You will also learn about the research and results of other studies that you could use for testing new clinical trials and epidemiology studies.

Get the latest of research on functional foods with the FFC Certification.  This certification will provide you with evidence on this new research. With this certification, you will have the knowledge to formulate functional food products that could lessen various diseases. You may also use the current research to assist in your future studies.

Physicians and Nurses
The FFC Certification is designed for the medical doctor and nurse to bring functional food research to your practice. Provide your patients with the latest on bioactive compounds in functional foods. Let your practice be part of the newest and latest in functional foods and the medicinal benefits that are provided when specific essential nutrients are consumed.

Course Description
Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds, and Human Health

~ An introduction to functional foods and bioactive compounds

The course introduces the emerging science of functional foods. In this course FFC discusses the definition of functional foods and their importance. Students will learn how functional foods as part of the everyday diet can be used to reduce the risk of disease. The issues and challenges in the development, testing, marketing, and regulations controlling functional foods and nutraceuticals will be also be covered in addition to the chemistry and physiological effects of functional foods.


General Biology and Nutrition/ Food Science courses are recommended

Course objectives for Introduction to Functional Foods:

  • Understand how functional foods act as potential health benefits and what food sources they come from
  • Understand how to use discoveries in biomedical sciences, USDA databases, and FDA regulations to create new functional food products for general health maintenance, as well as for diet-related chronic diseases
  • Understand the practical steps necessary for discovering and producing new functional foods
  • Make informed choices about functional foods
  • Understand the differences and similarities between medical, functional, and healthy foods
  • Compare differences and similarities for functional foods in different parts of the world
  • Identify relevant  FDA structure, function, and health claims for the new functional food products

Course Objectives for Functional Foods for Chronic Diseases:

  • Understand the epidemiology and biomarkers of cardiovascular disease
  • Functional foods in cancer awareness
  • Be able to define functional foods, functional food components, health benefits, chronic diseases, global markets, and sensory evaluation
  • Understand how chemotherapy has an impact on health and how functional foods can interact
  • Identify the biomarkers and bioactive compounds of functional foods for obesity
  • Understand the epidemiology of diabetes
  • Understand how the mental health of a person can be impacted by functional foods
  • Identify relevant  FDA structure, function, and health claims for new functional food products

What does the course involve?

The course is a self-taught course with an examination and certification of completion. This allows for participants to learn at their own pace and decide for themselves when to take the exam. All resources including syllabus, textbook, powerpoint slides, and PDF files will be provided after purchase as well as a recommended course of action with which to base the studies. The book provides practice quizzes to help you along the way and to provide feedback on your level of comprehension of the material. Once the participant has completed all included chapters, they can take the exam online which, after receiving a passing grade, will provide a printable certification of completion.

Course length: About 1 month

Cost: $595.00

*If an exam retake is required it is $30.00 per attempt

What is included in the price?

Powerpoint Slides/ Documents
1 Exam
Annual membership for ASFFBC

What if I'm already attending a conference?

Attending one of the conferences will give you insight to the topics discussed in the course. From the course, you will receive power points from presenters at the conference and information on research from around the world. You will also have the chance to study deeper into topics that were discussed at the conference. Attending the San Diego conference will specifically relate to introduction of functional foods and the conference later this year at Harvard will relate to chronic diseases in functional foods.