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25th International Conference of FFC - 13th International Symposium of ASFFBC

"Encounters of Functional Foods and Asian Traditional Medicines"

October 27 – 28, 2018, Ritsumeikan University, Osaka-Ibaraki Campus, Osaka, Japan

Exhibitors Information:

All vendors have a separate exhibitor table at the conference. The two tables will be located near the conference area and will have sufficient access to conference participants. The international conference will attract many experts from food processing companies, universities, research centers, and related industries from around the world, such as local restaurants and bakeries. This will be a great opportunity to introduce yourself to many international organizations. The cost for vendors is $795.00, which includes one (1) full registration for the conference.

There is a limited amount of space. Please purchase your conference registration ticket and provide your company description, which will appear on the conference website with your sponsorship level, or exhibit booth, listed alongside a hyperlink to your website. Limit the company description to no more than 35 words.

You can fill out the registration form and make a payment for the registration fee to become a vendor for this International Conference. An email confirmation will be sent within two days of the submission date.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

FFC's Exhibitors at Harvard Medical School (from previous conference)

  • BESO Biological Research Inc., 21660 Copley Dr. Ste# 180, Diamond Bar, CA 91767, USA. Website: Based in CA, U.S.A. BESO develops nutritional products ranging from daily nutrition to supportive needs. Our products are made with 100% fermented foods that help increase bioavailability and improve nutrient absorption. Our formulation contains a natural (non-synthetic) bio-active compound called 13-Methyltetradecanoic acid.


  • Danem Dairy Products, Inc., Suleyman Demirel University Technopark, East Campus, 32260 Isparta, Turkey. Web Site: Danem’s purpose is to protect, maintain and produce genuine kefir grains that contain all of the probiotic bacterial and yeast strains naturally found in traditional kefir. From these grains, we produce our traditional kefir product, Kefirzadem™, with no additives. Using our kefir grains produces kefir with the highest level of natural strains and a magnificent flavor. After a long academic research period, our significant scientific and technical knowledge was transferred to an industrial scale at Danem, Inc. Along with other patent-pending technology, Danem holds three patents on natural kefir and yogurt production from non-GMO, natural probiotic microflora. Danem is the first company in the world that produces significant amounts of non-GMO natural kefir grains, kefir starter culture, natural kefir from kefir grains as well as probiotic yogurt starter culture. Continued research indicates that consumption of our products can contribute significantly to improved health.

Danem Dairy Products Logo

  • Food Science Publisher, 4659 Texas St, San Diego CA, USA. Website: Food Science Publisher is especially interested in human clinical nutrition, functional food science and chronic disease aspects of the publishing field. The company specializes in publishing books in the field of food science, nutrition, functional foods and chronic diseases.

Publisher Logo

  • Vibrant America, 1021 Howard Avenue Suite B, San Carlos, CA 94070-4034, USA. Website: Vibrant strives to become the leader in autoimmune diagnostics. Our platform allows us to provide results 4 days sooner than any other regional or specialized laboratory. We are committed to providing the best services and a clinically relevant menu of testing options to accommodate healthcare providers and their patients.

Vibrant America

  • Lifeway Foods, Inc., 6431 West Oakton St. Morton Grove, IL 60053, USA. Website: Lifeway Foods, America’s leading supplier of the probiotic fermented beverage known as kefir, is on a mission to provide the best probiotic and nutritious foods to consumers. Lifeway has also innovated several new ideas in the dairy industry by introducing breakthrough products. The company is committed to four ideals: all natural hormone and GMO-free ingredients, philanthropy, environmental responsibility, and local farming sustainability.

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Osato Research Institute, 1956 Inatomi, Ono-cho, Ibi-gun, Gifu, 501-0501, Japan. Website: Osato Research Institute works with universities and institutes around the world to support research on FFP® (Fermented Papaya Preparation) and its effect on healthy aging. One of their many goals to is to reduce medical costs associated with aging through preventative therapeutic strategies and education.

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