FFC's 27th International Conference and Expo - 15th International

Symposium of ASFFBC

Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers: Health Promotion and Disease Management

September 20-21, 2019, at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA

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Conference Awards

The conference will have the following awards, which will be announced and presented during the conference closing session.

  • Best Oral Presentation Awards
  • Best Poster Presentation Award
  • Best Full Paper Award
  • Best Special Session Organizer Award
  • Best Functional Food Product Award (Research and Development)

The author of an awarded presentation will be entitled to:

  • A signed official award certificate;
  • The announcement of their achievement on a special conference webpage;
  • one year membership of the ASFFBC. If already an ASFFBC member, then this offer adds one year to her/his current membership.
  • A personal voucher for a 50% reduced registration fee in one event sponsored by FFC, valid during a 12-month period. This voucher is only available if the presenter attends the closing session and receives the award.

For students receiving any of the awards, it will provide them with the unique opportunity of adding the achievement in their resume. This will help to boost their resumes for future employers to notice, with the chance at gaining better job opportunities.

For the best functional food product, those receiving the award will have the newly added benefit of their product having more publicity, and ability to show that it had won an award for its innovative and functional qualities for the food community. The participant who won can advertise their award and possibly gain commercial success with their new product. It can give the added bonus and prestige that will put them a cut above the rest in those developing functional food products.

Best Oral Presentation Award: The best oral presentation will be chosen after considering all presenters at the conference and determining which oral presentation was the most effective, and professional, and was delivered through a speaker that was engaging, authoritative and impactful.

Best Poster Presentation Award: The best poster presentation will be chosen based off of the evaluation of the poster information which will include: efficient visuals for the audience, quality presentation of the research, and the overall format/layout of the presenters posters.

Best Full Paper Award: The best full article will be chosen from participants who submit their full article to the journal of Functional foods in Health and Disease. Article should be generally accepted for publication (decision will be made by the Editorial Team of journal).

Best Special Session Organizer Award: Special sessions are small and specialized events to be held during the conference as a set of oral and poster presentations with a highly specialized theme. The goal of special sessions (minimum 4 presenters; maximum 7) is to provide a focused discussion on innovative topics.

Best Functional Food Product Award: The best functional food product will be chosen based on the developed product being something innovative that meets a consumer's needs or trend, efficient use of nutritional ingredients, possible commercial success of your product, evidence for the functionality of the product and its ability to prevent or manage chronic diseases and its symptoms, as well as how else your product may stand out and give an edge to the competition.

Selection Criteria
The awards will be presented to the author(s) at the time of conference, selected by the Conference Committee and Session Chairs.

The decision criterion will consider both the paper quality and the presentation quality (feedback given by main conference organizers, session chairs, and organizing committee members at the conference venue).