29th International Conference of FFC - 17th International
Symposium of ASFFBC

Functional Foods, Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers for Aging and Related Diseases

September 20-21, 2020, at Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, USA (*These dates are pending)

Conference Topics/Sessions

1.     Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds

  1.  What are Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds?
  2.  Regulation of Functioanal Foods
  3.  What’s Next for Functional Foods?
  4.  Functional Food Product Development: Form, Function, Appeal, and Affordability

2.     Healthy Aging

  1.  Biology of Aging
  2.  Aging Biomarkers
  3.  Is Aging Preventable?
  4.  Early-Life Origins of Metabolic Disease and Aging
  5.  Overweight and Obesity in Older Persons: Impact on Health and Mortality Outcomes

3.     Diet, Nutrition and Older Adults

  1.  Current Diets of Older Adults
  2.  Bioavailability of Functional Foods in Older Adults
  3.  Drug-Nutrient Interactions in Older Adults
  4.  Recommended Daily Intakes for Older Adults
  5.  Macronutrients for Older Adults

4.     Changes in Organ Systems Over the Lifespan

  1.  Age-Associated Changes in the Cardiovascular System
  2.  The Role of Nutrition on Cardiovascular Health and Disease in Aging
  3.  Skeletal and Muscular Changes in Aging
  4.  Age-Associated Changes in Taste and Smell Function

5.     Chronic Diseases and Aging

  1.  Prevalence of Chronic Diseases as People Age
  2.  Are Chronic Diseases Associated with Aging Preventable?
  3.  Cancer and Functional Foods
  4.  Cardiovascular Disease and Functional Foods
  5.  Obesity and Functional Foods
  6.  Diabetes and Functional Foods

6.     Mental Disorders and Aging

  1.  Prevalence of Mental Disorders in Older Adults
  2.  Dementia and Functional Foods
  3.  Schizophrenia and Functional Foods
  4.  Bipolar Disorder and Functional Foods

7.     Strategies for Providing Care for Older Adults with Chronic Illnesses

  1. Developing Policies to Provide a Continuum of Care
  2. Training and Educating Formal and Informal Caregivers 
  3. Protection, Safety and Dignity of Aging Adults

8.     Gender Differences in Aging

  1.  Physiological Differences
  2.  Emotional and Psychological Differences
  3.  Differences in the Prevalence of Chronic Diseases
  4.  Nutritional Differences

9.     Drug and Nutrient Interactions

  1.  Drug-Drug Interactions
  2.  Food-Drug Interactions
  3.  Strategies to Promote Efficacy of Drugs

10.  Future Issues

  1.  The Importance of Protein in Older Adults’ Diets
  2.  Effects of Caloric Restriction on Longevity
  3.  The Prevention of Sarcopenia in Older Adults