Guidelines for Full Paper Submission:

Participants with accepted abstracts may write full articles:

Congratulations. You have been chosen out of the many who have submitted abstracts to submit a full length article to our journals. As we know this is an international conference, we will also be providing professional help with the English quality and proof-reading of your manuscripts.

Articles should be 7-15 pages in length. If you submit an article within the deadline, you can get a 50% discount for article publication fee or submit application for full waiver. 

We want to stress how excellent an opportunity this is. Conference participants will be able to submit articles to our journal with a 50% discount and get published within 2-3 months. Furthermore, all published articles will be advertised in our LinkedIn groups and newsletters, which will increase exposure and citation for your articles.

Please note that article submission is mandatory for oral presenters. If you published your research in another journal already, let us know as soon as possible. Another option is to submit a review article on a similar topic.

You can visit our our journal website at: You can submit your articles via the journal email to If you have any other questions, let us know.

  1. The entire text of the full papers must be in Times New Roman, 12 point size font.
  2. Full paper margins should be 0.75 inches from the top and bottom, and 1.0 inch from the left and right for A4 format paper.
  3. Line spacing should be 1.15 and alignment justified.
  4. The submitted full papers should contain 6-16 pages. A shorter or longer manuscript must be discussed with the organizing committee.
  5. When submitting a full paper, the corresponding author should send a cover letter indicating that the authors have not submitted a similar manuscript for publication elsewhere. Full papers submitted without cover letters will not be published.
  6. The full papers and cover letter should be submitted as separate attachments to the following email address:
  7. Submit the full paper within 2 months following the date in the abstract acceptance letter, but no later than the date mentioned on the conference website.
  8. Full papers will be published in FFC’s Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease. Please download and use the suggested samples for an original scientific paper, review paper, and cover letter.
  9. As a token of our appreciation for article submissions in the Special Issue, we are offering 50% discount off our standard publication fee. The final cost will be $348.00 for the journal of "Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease" and $448.00 for the Journal of "Functional Foods in Health and Disease". If sufficient scientific funds are unavailable for coverage of the discounted publication fee, ASFFBC is willing to accommodate as needed. Please contact us (in advance) for more details, if necessary. Don't miss your chance to be a part of this!
  10. Full-text papers should be submitted before June 28th, 2020 and it is mandatory for oral presenters.