Facts and Figures

Functional Food Center Achievements

Founded in 1998 with the goal of aiding in research, development, and commercialization of functional food innovations, the Functional Food Center (FFC) has connected and facilitated a global network of professionals collaborating towards making functional foods viable.

  • The FFC has developed 60 healthy and functional food products,
  • formulated a working definition of functional food,
  • founded academic societies,
  • created two peer-reviewed open-access scientific journals in the area of functional food and bioactive compounds,
  • written seven (7) textbooks used by over 60 universities worldwide,
  • developed fundamental principles of functional food science,
  • hosted nearly 30 international conferences on functional food,
  • continues to grant functional food certifications for scientists as well as food and medical industry representatives:  a) Certified Functional Food Scientists; b) Certified Functional Food Profesionals

Here, in more detail, are the achievements the Functional Food Center has accomplished towards making functional foods available and accessible:

Functional Food Center - FFC