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Print copies of FFHD Volume 10, Issues 01-06 are now available for purchase on Amazon! 

This paperback book is a semiannual edition of our journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease featuring  a compilation of articles that have been published from January to July 2020.

We are currently working on publishing a collection of paperback books, featuring semiannual editions of every FFHD journal, dating back to 2011. 

Click the image above to view the print version of FFHD Volume 10, Issues 1-6 on Amazon

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Print versions of single, monthly issues are also available on Amazon for $49

This would also make a great resource for research and studying for students and professors to have available in their university libraries. 

It can also serve as a valuable keepsake for authors who are interested in having a print copy of their published research.

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Currently, there are single issues of Volumes 1 to 11.

We would also like to showcase our Functional Food textbook series, which includes 8 books that discuss the role of functional food in addressing various health conditions. 

Like our FFHD journal, this can also serve as a great resource for students and teachers interested in nutrition and functional food science to have in their university libraries. 

Our textbook series can also serve the basis for college courses or as supplementary reading for college courses.

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How to submit articles to FFHD and BCHD

March 1st, 2021

By the FFC Editorial Team

Dear Readers, 

Throughout this newsletter, we will outline each step through the publication process for transparent and ease for our authors! Articles go through 5 stages throughout the entire process to ensure the highest quality articles get published. These stages include submission, peer review process, author revision, editorial finalization, and publication.

Step 1: Article Submission

After your article has been written, make sure that it contains all the necessary requirements for our journals! Currently, we are accepting the following types of articles: research, review, short report, editorial, and perspective pieces.

Here are some samples, guidelines and checklists to help make sure you have all the necessary information!

Once you verify that your article meets all of the requirements you can submit your article! Submissions can be submitted online at: or emailed directly to

Step 2: Peer-Review Process

Once the editorial staff receives your article and approves it, we will move it onto the peer-review process stage. Here we will request a confidential, in-depth review from the 5 peer reviewers you suggest in your cover letter as well as from our own database of expert reviewers! This may take up to 3-6 weeks to give time to find appropriate reviewers and give them time to complete a full review. Upon request we may be able to expedite the process, however, there are no guaranteed times. 

Step 3: Author Corrections

When the peer-review process has concluded, the editorial staff will compile all the reviewers notes into one document and sent back to the corresponding author along with the invoice for your article. On average, authors should complete the revisions and payment within 7 days. For authors who need some additional aid, we offer the following services for $199.00 USD each:

  • English/Grammar editing
  • Formatting

If you are interested in either of these for your article, let us know!

Step 4: Editorial Finalization

After we receive the appropriate changes to your article, it will move onto a final stage. Final proofreading, editing, and formatting changes to prepare for publication to keep it up with standards of all other articles.

Step 5: Publication

The final stage of your article is the publication. Once we have completed all other stages, we will publish your article within that month’s issue of the journal. There will be a open access PDF version of your article available for anyone to read and cite for future use! We will send you an email to the corresponding author with a notification that it is ready. We provide our published articles several additional services for free.

  • Advertising through LinkedIn or other sites. Articles are shared via LinkedIn to:
    • Articles are shared via LinkedIn to over 60 groups ona verage and receive thousands of views!
      • Around 30,000 first degree contacts
      • Over 60 groups on average
      • These posts receive thousands of views and authors can request statistics!
  • FFHD articles are compiled into high quality, colored print issues available for purchase in monthly and semiannual issues!
  • All articles are indexed where the journal is
    • FFHD includes Scopus, Web of Science, Index Copernicus, and Google Scholar
    • BCHD includes Index Copernicus, Academia and Google Scholar

For anyone who is interested in publishing with us, refer to “Step 1: Article Submission” for details on how to submit your article or email with any other questions or concerns you may have.

Corporate Address: 5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 700, #338 Dallas, TX, 75254, USA