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FFC's Personalized Project Program: FFC PPP

Goal of PPP

Through the PPP, we will collaborate with you to create a personalized learning experience that will teach and train you in the functional food topics of your choice. We will construct customized lesson plans based on select chapters from the almost 200 chapters available in our Functional Foods textbook series. You can also choose to learn from FFC’s seminars complete with powerpoint slides and written articles if you prefer. In addition, we will work with you to create a personalized project that will solidify your understanding and provide you with a hands-on education of functional foods.

This course includes 80 hours of training, which involves self-guided study, virtual meetings with your functional foods instructor, and completion of your personalized project. During meetings with your instructor, who will be an experienced expert in the field of functional food science, you will discuss what you have learned as well as how the knowledge you have acquired can be applied in your field.


The PPP is both flexible and customizable, and can provide massive benefits to all people interested in functional foods from industry professionals to university students to those not involved in science at all. Thus, we encourage people of all backgrounds who are interested in functional foods to participate. It’s never too late to learn about the foods and compounds that compose a healthy diet and the ways that they can benefit society. The PPP can be used to gain FFS or FFP certification.


  • Preparation for Functional Food Scientist (FFS) or Functional Food Professional (FFP). By successfully completing an FFC PPP course, you will gain all 80 credits needed to become a certified FFS or FFP.
  • Competency in the emerging, rapidly evolving field of functional food science. In-depth understanding of bioactive compounds and functional foods will make you a unique, viable candidate for a job position and open more opportunities to expand your career. 
  • Self-guided education. You will have the opportunity to pace your own learning experience while maintaining communication with your instructor via Skype and email in the event that you have any questions regarding the learning materials. 
  • Scientific writing experience. Depending on the nature of your personalized project and learning goals, you may have the chance to gain experience in writing scientific articles or reports that may be published in one of the three scientific journals that FFC has.

Get Started

**Before signing up, make sure you can make the 80-hour commitment to complete this certification within 5 years. 

1. Complete your application form detailing your educational and work experience and your personal interests in functional foods. This will help in creating your personalized lessons and project so that it addresses your educational goals and interests.

2. Submit payment of $695.00 ($595.00 for ASFFBC members) for the training program through our online store. *Payment plans are available and can be discussed as necessary*

3. We will schedule an online Skype meeting in order to discuss your interests more in depth and agree on a personalized project for you that you will complete over the course of the program.

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