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Encyclopedia of Functional Foods

Series: Functional Food Science

eBook: more than 700 pages
Publisher: Food Science Publisher

The book is collective work of over 3000 scientists, and over 1000 universities and other organizations.

Editor: Danik M. Martirosyan, PhD, Functional Food Center, Dallas, TX, USA; Functional Food Institute, San Diego, CA, USA

Editorial Assistant: Amanda Conte, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

This eBook is an excellent resource for PhD students, professors, public health professionals, medical doctors, dieticians, nutritionists, government representatives (FDA, NIH, USDA) and the general public for information pertaining to the latest developments for the prevention, treatment and management of chronic diseases or their symptoms by way of functional foods and bioactive compounds.

In addition to the FFHD journal, we will also be including our journals Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease (BCHD) and Functional Food Science (FFS).

This book is a compilation of the abstracts (with the access to full articles) from all articles published thus far in these journals. It has been created in chronological order from February 2011 to present. This book will not only provide easy access to the full journal articles, but it will provide other authors a large reference for all things related to functional food. Additionally, the proper citation has been provided with every abstract/article, making the use of the article as simple as possible.  Information can be searched via topic, author, or keyword.

The Encyclopedia of Functional Foods is comprised of content solely from the Functional Food Center (FFC) and our three academic journals, and not from other journals, because these articles fit into the criteria required by the FFC. It is important the content included in the encyclopedia falls in line with the definition of functional foods proposed by the Functional Food Center and recognizes the importance of the 16-step process outlined previously. While many other journals publish material on functional food science, they may not make sure that their articles are in line with the functional food definition and steps how to bring functional food product to the market.

Furthermore, we are working to add even more content to this encyclopedia. Currently, we have added abstracts from our annual international conferences/proceedings. The chapter summaries have also been included from our published textbooks on functional food science. This quality content is not available online and will only be available in our encyclopedia.

This is a great resource to use when conducting research and writing articles. As a tip to better navigate this resource, you can use "Control+F" (or Command+F on a Mac) on your keyboard to search for specific words/phrases. This book can also be provided as a supplement to any of the Functional Food Center Inc. textbooks. This book will be available only for the members of Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds.

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