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Become a Functional Food Science Coach! 

Are you a professional in the health or food industries? We are pleased to announce that we are now offering the option to become a Functional Food Science Coach in the following areas: 

  • Functional Food (FF) and Healthy Aging 
  • FF and Mental Health 
  • FF and Obesity
  • FF and Hypertension 
  • FF and Diabetes
  • FF and Cancer
  • FF and Cardiovascular Disease
    And more!

[Check out our list of chapters that you may be assigned to review/study]

Functional Food Science is a modern specialty focusing on the use of functional foods to manage symptoms of disease. Expertise in this emerging field can apply to a wide variety of interests, including general health, chronic diseases, and viral diseases. With this new program option, the Functional Food Center (FFC) can help provide you with the tools you need to acquire evidence-based knowledge in the area of your choosing. 

How does it work? 

Becoming a Functional Food Science Coach is a simple, convenient process. If you are unsure of an area of interest, we can help you to find your niche!

  1. After you have completed your registration and indicated your area of interest, we will create a customized eBook featuring up to 4 relevant chapters pulled from our wide collection of textbooks that will best suite your area of interest. 
  2. You will also receive access to a 25-page document (which includes multiple choice questions, answers, as well as summaries) explaining the fundamentals of Functional Food Science, including the definition, classification, development, and regulation of functional foods. 
  3. We will also provide access to supplementary materials such as some powerpoints related to your chapter, lecture videos, and online access to our functional food science encyclopedia. 
  4. You will also have a separate one-on-one discussion with your instructor about what you have learned from the document discussing the fundamentals of Functional Food Science, which will may help prepare you to pass you final discussion/exam. 
  5. In addition to one-on-one discussion with your instructor, we can also arrange for you to meet with an expert from our network of scientists who may have specialized knowledge related to your area of interest. During this conversational learning experience, they will share their expertise, and you will be able to pose questions. 
  6. To earn your Functional Food Science Coach certification, you will demonstrate your understanding of the material by creating and giving a presentation based on the assigned eBook chapters. This presentation will be more like a seminar, in which we will invite participants who have expertise or interest in your area of study. The participants will not only be listening to your presentation, but will also be encouraged to ask questions and contribute their knowledge in order to make this experience mutually educational. 

Benefits of becoming a Functional Food Science Coach 

  1. After you become certified, you will be eligible to become our Teaching Partner and use our teaching materials (textbooks-eBook and print options, PowerPoint presentations, etc.) upon certain agreement
  2. You will be able to educate clients and peers about the relationship between functional food consumption and your area of your health-related area of knowledge. 
  3. You will be more familiar with the process of developing functional food products, and may use this information to research and/or develop healthy and  functional food products. 

Program Cost

The price of this program is $995. 


Qualifications for certification include an interest in health and disease and educational experience in fields related to Functional Food Science or experience working in the food industry. Those with Bachelors, Masters degrees, PhD or MD in food science, medical fields, or biology are best suited for our certification and the mastery of your interests and skills in Functional Food.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this differ from our other certification programs? 

  1. Unlike our GPS, PPP, and SPS programs, you will not have to meet with an instructor on a regular basis for check-ins, allowing you the opportunity to review the material on your own time. 
  2. The Functional Food Science Coach program provides more depth and breadth of knowledge in an area of your choice and providing access to more resources (up to 4 chapters) than our Expressway program, which will add to your competence in the area you chose. 
  3. While our Expressway program is quick and convenient, it only includes one chapter related to a single topic as well as an overview of the basics of functional food science. 

How long will it take to complete this program? 

In general, our program participants are able to complete the program within one month. You are welcome to complete the course sooner depending on how soon you can finish the required components of the program. We can also work with you should you need longer than one month. 

What are the expectations for the presentation and discussion? 

Once you have registered for the course, you can request to view videos of example presentations and discussions, which were created by some of our exemplary program participants.

What are You Waiting for?

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