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Published Articles in FFHD and BCHD and Tips for Using Scopus

July 9th, 2020

By Grace Santiago and Danik Martirosyan

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect the lives of so many individuals around the world, we hope that you continue to remain safe and in good health. During these times, we would like to remind you of the commitment of the Functional Food Center to publishing the latest findings that may reveal how functional foods can serve as solutions to viral infections and other health conditions. 

In this letter, we would like to feature the articles from our May issues of the Functional Foods in Health and Disease and Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease journals, provide tips on how to find our articles on Scopus, and inform you of our latest statistics regarding journal citations. 

We are excited to present our published articles from the May issues of the Functional Foods in Health and Disease and Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease journals, which tell of fascinating discoveries and advancements in the field of functional foods research. 

Functional Foods in Health and Disease (FFHD)

Bowel movement improvement by Mulukhiyah (Corchorus olitorius)-containing food (AOTSUBU®) consumption: A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group comparison trial by Hodai Nagahara, Meisen Nagahara, Nobuo Ohmi, Yuta Takahashi, Tsuyoshi Takara

Read Here

Mechanisms of selected functional foods against viral infection with a view on COVID-19: Mini review by Alexander Haslberger, Ursula Jacob, Berit Hippe, Heidrun Karlic

Read Here

Different impacts of plant proteins and animal proteins on human health through altering gut microbiota by Baojun Xu, Sunil Christudas, Ramya Devi Devaraj

Read Here

Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease (BCHD)

The effect of low level-laser irradiation on antioxidant enzymes and minerals in serum of patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus by Danik Martirosyan, Mohammed Reza Ashoori, Hossein Mirmiranpour

Read Here

Call for mobilization of functional foods, antioxidants and herbal antivirals in support of international campaign to control coronavirus by Reza Rastmanesh, Francesco Marotta, Ishak Tekin

Read Here

We encourage you to visit our journal website,, to read our open access, peer-reviewed articles. If you find anything relevant or valuable to your work, make sure to cite our articles in your own research.

Please also consider submitting articles to either the FFHD or BCHD journal.

You’re receiving this newsletter because you are a valued member of our academic society and, as such, these published articles and more are available for you to read for free on our website. 



Tips for Using Scopus

We are pleased to announce that articles from FFHD are now available through Scopus. Here are a few ways tips for finding our articles on Scopus. 

Method 1: Document search using Journal Title

Scopus Document search screen using Source Title to search for the FFHDJ

  1. Sign in to Scopus through your account or institution to access the full version of Scopus
  2. Change the search option from “Abstract title, Abstracts, Keywords” to “Source Title”
  3. In the search bar, type “Functional Foods in Health and Disease”
  4. Click the "Limit" dropdown menu below the search bar
  5. Under "Access type," select "Open Access"
  6. Search!

Method 2: Document search using ISSN 

Document Search screen using ISSN

  1. Change the search option from “Abstract title, Abstracts, Keywords” to “ISSN” 
  2. In the search bar, type “21603855”
  3. Click “Limit” dropdown menu below the search bar 
  4. Under “Access Type,” Select “Open Access” 
  5. Search! 

Journal Citations Updates

Through the statistics provided by Web of Science (WoS), we have been able to understand and frequently monitor the steady growth of the FFHD journal relative to other high-ranking journals available on WoS. Below is a summary of the measurements that help us to understand the impact of our journal and improve our outreach. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for continuing to read and cite our articles, which have contributed to the growth and impact of the FFHD journal.

                              Statistics for FFHD as of July 2020: H-index 14, Sum of times Cited 1451, Average Citations per item 3.57, and 406 total publications

              Sum of Citations per year graph

Coronavirus Updates


As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold, we at the Functional Foods Center remain dedicated to bringing you the most current and reliable information on related functional food treatments. We are currently working on the review process for multiple articles pertaining to the coronavirus and the way that functional fods may be used to treat it. Make sure to look out for these articles as they are published in the coming months! 

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