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Check out these fascinating articles from our July issues of the Functional Foods in Health and Disease and Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease, our two free, open-access journals. 

Nutritionally-complete formula fortified with isomalto-oligosaccharide for hemodialysis patients:  by  Kridsada Keawyok, Nualpun Sirinupong, and Santad Wichienchot

Wichienchot et al. conducted a study in which they examined the probiotic selectivity the isomalto-oligosaccharide (IMO), which is produced from tapioca starch in a pilot-scale reactor, as well as its applications in a novel nutritional formula developed for hemodialysis patients. 

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Absorption pathway of dietary flavonoids: the potential roles of the lymphatic transport in the intestine by Kaeko Murota

Recently, it was discovered that, in addition to absorption through the portal vein, dietary flavonoids are also absorbed via the intestinal lymphatic pathways. In this review article, Murota summarizes several reports on the lymphatic transport of flavonoids and discusses the physiological signficance of lymphatic flavonoid absorption. 

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Frequently used medicinal herbs and spices in weight management: a review by Vered Kaufman-Shruqui, Sheri Sherf-Dagan, Hagit Salem, Daniela Abigail Navarro, and Mona Boaz

Using pre-clinical and clinical studies, Kaufman-Shriqui et. al evaluate evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of herbal preparations, such as cinnamon, capsaicin, black pepper, and circumin, which are popularly consumed for weight reduction. 

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Nutrition planning during the COVID-19 pandemic for aging immunity by Pooja Polamarasetti and Danik Martirosyan

Polamarasetti and Martirosyan conducted a literature review of nutrition recommendations and their antiviral effects in older adult populations to create guidelines that will assist in reducing the age disparity in vulnerability to COVID-19. 

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29th International Conference Announcements + Survey

April 22, 2021

By FFC Staff

The FFC 29th International Conference on April 29-30th is quickly approaching! As with our previous 28th International Conference, this conference will be held virtually over Zoom due to COVID-19. Since travel is not required, we hope that you will be able to join us from wherever you are in the world.  We invite you to join us in learning about the role of functional foods in reducing chronic and viral diseases. 

Please make sure that you have completed your registration. In order to finalize registration, you must submit your registration form and conference registration fee on our website.

                  Registration Form                            Pay Registration Fee Here

We would like to help you complete your registration payment and reserve your space in the conference to receive all the benefits that come with being a conference attendee. Benefits include:

We understand that those who have been unable to afford to pay for the conference, whether it be due to the current pandemic or otherwise. We would like to hlep you attend the conference by making the fees more affordable for you.

If you or your organization have been impacted financially due to coronavirus, please fill out the quick survey below so we can determine how to help you complete your registration payment. 

It should not take more than 2 minutes to complete!

Conference Survey

Conference Scientific Sessions

Day 1

  1. Keynote
  2. Functional Foods and Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
  3. Bioactive Compounds and Functional Foods for the Management of Viral Diseases including COVID-19
  4.  Functional Foos for the Management of Chronic Diseases
  5. Bioactive Compounds and Chronic Diseases

Day 2

  1. Keynote
  2. Functional Ingredients/bioactive compounds and Functional Foods in Healthy Aging
  3. Research and Development of New Functional Food Products for Chronic and Infections Diseases
  4. Discovery, Sources, Potential Health Benefits, and Safety Aspects of Bioactive Compounds
  5. Evaluation of Functional Food Products by using FFC's Functional Food Definition and Steps to Create Functional Food Products 

Click the button below to see our full preliminary program!

Conference Preliminary Program 

Keynote Speakers

Amrendra Ajay, PhD: Department of Medicint, Renal Division, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, MA, USA. 

Dr. Amrendra Ajay is Instuctor in Medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. His research focuses on the pathogenesis of acute and chronic kidney diseases using mouse models. He has worked on drug development and biomarkers of acute kidney injury using genetic mouse models and cellular signaling, and is currently working to find biomarkers and therapeutic targets for chronic kidney diseases. Dr. Ajay serves also an editorial board member of our journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease and is an active member of our Academic Society of Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds. 

Presentation: COVID-19 and acute and chronic kidney injury and functional food


Tom Sidebottom, Regulatory Scientist and Consultant with 30+ years’ Experience in FDA 

At the FDA, Tom Sidebottom was the Director of the San Francisco Laboratory for 11 years and managed a diverse group of scientists responsible for protecting public health. Their core focus was to provide analytical expertise and problem-solving approaches to emerging public health issues in chemistry and microbiological testing.  As laboratory director, he had responsibility to ensure the laboratory maintained compliance with federal and state environmental regulations in California. He is a thought leader and skilled at breaking down complex laboratory testing and compliance processes in order to build credibility and trust through transparency. 

Presentation: Transparency, Traceability and Trust in Food Safety Systems - How has the pandemic impacted the food industry and regulators and what does the future hold?


Poster presenters will be giving a 10 minute powerpoint presentation over Zoom, and our oral presenters will be given 20 minutes to present. 

Click the button below to check out our full list of presenters. 


With over 4,400 registered attendees so far, this will be our biggest international conference yet - we hope to see you there!

Corporate Address: 5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 700, #338 Dallas, TX, 75254, USA
Phone: (619)-642-8088