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Directory of Certified Mental Wellness Coaches

These individuals successfully completed the Certified Mental Wellness Coach course conducted by 3 Waves Wellness. 

  1. Karen Elaine White, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist, Mental Wellness CoachAmare Global; Karen's Custom Massage. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  2. Martha Persenaire, Mental Wellness Partner. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  3. Mikkin JerryAnn Abfall, BS. Kinesiologist, Wellness for Life Clinic. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  4. Susan Allred, Mental Wellness Coach, Mentor, Educator. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  5. Barbara Heffner, RN, Registered Nurse; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  6. Cheryl Shepherd, Fitness Instructor. (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  7. Maria Benavides, MA, LPC, CAADC, Licensed Professional Counselor; Peace of Mind Counseling & Consulting, LLC. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  8. Melanie Keck, Chef, Mentor; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  9. Brichelle Rae Cummings, Health Coach, Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  10. Laurel Kelsey, MS, ACSM EP-C, Mental Wellness Coach, Exercise Physiologist/Personal Trainer, Professor of Exercise Science; American College of Sports Medicine; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  11. Cindy Wechsler, APRN, CPNP, Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  12. Georgia Allred, Grief Mentor; By Design Mentoring. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  13. Kathleen Taylor. (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  14. Dawn Ritter, APRN, CNP, Nurse Practitioner; Begin Again: Health & Wellbeing, LLC. (CMWC Course: 2021)
  15. Lynn Wendt, BeP, Bio-energetic Practitioner. (CMWC Course: 2021)
  16. McKenna Legried, PT, Wellness Partner; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  17. Rachel Rodriguez Cerra, Wellness Coach; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  18. Pam Otto, CDA, RDA, COA, RDH. (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  19. Jodi Sampson, Doctor of Chiropractic, Chiropractor; Owatonna Natural Health Clinic. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  20. Linda C. Sadinsky, APRN, FNP-BC, Nurse Practitioner, Certified Mental Wellness Coach; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  21. Ann Sinclair, Biomagnetic Pair Practitioner, Holistic Practitioner, Certified Mental Wellness Coach; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  22. Michelle Call, Wellness partner; Amare Global (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  23. Julie Kleist, Holistic Wellness Coach; Holistic Health and Happiness. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  24. Pam Brill, CMWC, CEO; Pam Brill & Co. (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  25. Donna Jean Abfall, RN, ND, Naturopathic Doctor (CMWC  Course: May 2021) 
  26. Charlotte Wrzesinski, PharmD, RYT-200, Pharmacist, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Owner of Fifth Dimension Wellness. (CWMC Course: May 2021)
  27. Justin Brent Morris, Wellness Partner, Speaker, Mentor; Amare Global (CMWC Course: May 2021). 
  28. Lezli Dow, Wellness Director; Dow Chiropractic. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  29. Kevin Rouse, MD, Pediatrician; The Children's Clinic. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  30. Michelle Phillips, RN, BSN, BA, MFA Candidate, Artist Wellness Advocate; in collaboration with 3 Waves Wellness and Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  31. Aleigha Perez, Wellness Partner/Clinical Health Services; Amare Global. (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  32. LeAnn Hord, CMWC, Holistic Wellness Coach; Family Skills Institute. (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  33. Carol Isaacson CEO, American Wellness Rehab Clinic. (CMWC Course: May 2021) 
  34. Tambri Wilshusen , Gut Health Specialist, Amare Global (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  35. Dana Lewis  CMWC, Certified Fitness Professional, Holistic Nutritionist Certification, Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan Technological University, Founder of Amazingly Well (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  36. Julie Richard (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  37. Amy Arends , Certified OOLA Life Coach, Holistic Wellness Advisor, Amare Global (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  38. Deana Kitajima HeartMath Certification, Breakthrough Behavior Therapist, Stepparent Certified Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Partner with Amare Global (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  39. Linda Hein (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  40. Janelle Fredrick Certified Mental Wellness Coach, Certified Health Coach, Mental Wellness Advocate, 4 Rivers Center for Well-being (CMWC Course: April 2021) 
  41. Amanda Steen Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), Certified Lactation Counselor (CLT), Licensed Massage Therapist, Amare Global (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  42. Melinda Beaman (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  43. Janelle Devlin, Registered Nurse, CMWC, Co-owner at Dublin Worldwide, Dublin Worldwide and Founding Wellness Partner with Amare Global (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  44. Michael Jones (CMWC Course: May 2021)
  45. Heather Hirst BA Psychology and Sociology, Founding Wellness Partner, Amare Global (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  46. Alex Hein, CMWC, Amare Global (CMWC Course: April 2021) 
  47. Jenifer Drager (CMWC Course: May 2021) 
  48. Ann Washburn CMWC, Public Speaker, Mentor, Body Language Expert, and Mental Wellness Coach, 3 Key Elements (CMWC Course: April 2021)
  49. Mikkin Abfall (CMWC Course: May 2021) 
  50. Leisa Higbee, Owner of Integrity Wellness, Amare Global(CMWC Course: June 2021)
  51. Heidi Wilde, Founding Wellness Partner, Amare Global (CMWC Course:  June 2021) 
  52. Karen Hedman (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  53. Jeffrey Berger, Certified Health and Integrative Wellness Coach, Founder/Owner Abudance in Optimum Wellness, Holistic Chamber of Commerce (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  54. Angela Cenzalli, Certified Health and Wellness Coach, Founder/Owner of B-Mentors Consulting and Wellness Group (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  55. Mary Ann Marshak (CMWC Course: June 2021)
  56. Rebekah Kaylor (CMWC Course: June 2021)