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This paperback book is a semiannual edition of our journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease featuring  a compilation of articles that have been published from January to July 2020.

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We are currently working on publishing a collection of paperback books, featuring semiannual editions of every FFHD journal, dating back to 2011. 

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We would also like to showcase our Functional Food textbook series, which includes 8 books that discuss the role of functional food in addressing various health conditions. 

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Published Articles in FFHD and BCHD for September 2020

October 17th, 2020

By the FFC Editorial Team

Dear Readers, 

We would like to bring to your attention the articles we have published in September 2020 issue from FFHD and BCHD! Within our September issue, we have 4 articles for FFHD and 2 articles for BCHD. The articles range from clinical trials to review articles on various topics such as Moriche palm extract, nobiletin, blood coagulation, baby formula, colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and many more, which can be seen below.

Functional Foods in Health and Disease (FFHD)

Moriche Palm (Aguaje) Extract improves indefinite complaints in Japanese feamles: a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial by Tsuyoshi Takara, Kazuo Yamamoto, Naoko Suzuki, Shinichiro Yamashita, Shinichiro Iio, Hayata Noguchi, Toshihiro Kakinuma, Asami Baba, Saya Yamamoto, Toshio Morikawa, Shogo Takeda, Hiroshi Shimoda

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Nobiletin represses change in the levels of blood coagulation markers in the LPS-induced rat DIC model by Kimihiko Takada, Mayuko Takano, Aiko Kunii, Kei Harayama, Akira Ito, Yoshiko Miyazaki, Yutaka Masuda

Read Here

Continuous ascorbate infusions in the management of the patients with advanced colon cancer by Nina Mikirova

Read Here

Biotic nutritional components in baby formula: possible solution for infantile colic management by Yuliya Berezovskaya, Ksenia Varakina-Mitrail, Viktoriya Nechaeva, Irina Kholodova

Read Here

Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease (BCHD)

Synergistic effect of laser irradiation and cinnamic acid as a functional food on oxidative stress in type 2 diabetes mellitus by Danik Martirosyan, Houssein Mirmiranpour, Mohammad Reza Ashoori

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Using Graphics to Promote the Health Values of Indigenous Vegetables in Anaemia, Metabolic Syndrome, and Wound Management by Isaac C. Ishiekwene, Solomon E.O. Egwenu, Helen Chime, Eunice O. Igumbor, Ezekiel U. Nwose

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We encourage you to visit our journal website,, to read our open access, peer-reviewed articles. If you find anything relevant or valuable to your work, make sure to cite our articles in your own research. 

WoS Citation Updates

The Functional Food Publisher is calling on our readers to publish articles in our journals as our Web of Science (WoS) citation score has been increasing every month! Since September 9th, the average citation per item has increased from 3.78 to 3.9, the H index increased from 15 to 16 and the self-citation rate has decreased from 4.78% to 4.64%.

Interest in Publishing an Article in FFHD or BCHD?

If you are interested in publishing an article in FFHD, please reach out to our editorial email to start the process or check out for more details on the submission process.

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