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Posters and Abstracts 

Poster presentation recommendations:

  • Since the conference we will be conducted virtually, we ask that you create a powerpoint instead of a poster to feature your research
  • The powerpoint may be up to 10 slides (ideally 7-10 slides in length)
  • You may have up to 7 minutes to present  

Accepted Abstracts for Presentation

O* -  abstract for oral presentation

P** - abstract for poster presentation

  1. Nutritional Strategies for Microbiome improvement and Health Promotion  Antonios Koutledakis (O)                           

  2. The Unexpected Dangers to the Mediterranean Diet Thomas O’Bryan (O)

  3. Greek Endemic Plant Extracts as Potential Biocontrol Agents Against Microbial Pathogens  Chrysoula Pavlatou (P)

  4. The traditional functional foods of the Mediterranean diet (herbs, wild greens, olive oil, fishes, grains, fruits, and vegetables) Mousis Vasileios*, Galpinos Vaileios (O)           

  5. Economical potential of herbs cultivation in Albania Dritan Topi* (O)             

  6. Utilization of Moringa Oleifera Flower extract for its therapeutic properties in development of started yogurt Poonam Jaglan* (O)          

  7. Novel Semi-Dry and Sweet Low Alcohol Wine fermented with Immobilized Kefir Culture  Anastasios Nikolaou*, Yiannis Kourkoutas (P)

  8. Retrospective study of the habits related to the consumption of snack consumption in a sample of the Greek population Kyriakos Makris*, A. Koutelidakis (P)    

  9. A retrospective study investigating the consumption of functional foods for school children in Greece Votsi Eirini*, A. Koutelidakis (P)  

  10. Discovery of a novel natural product targeting bioactive components of SARS-COV2 Tzakos Andreas (O)    

  11. Food Ingredients for gut health and immunity Samlesh Kumari (O)

  12. Next-generation prebiotics: Selectively targeted protein-delivery to gut probiotics Yoav Livney (O)  

  13. Herbal formulation for SARS Vinisha Dudhat (O)     

  14. Wild type Lactic Acid Bacteria as Potential Biocontrols Against Biofilms formed by Food-Borne Pathogens Gregoria Mitropoulou (P)

  15. Standardization and comparative pharmacological evaluation of polyherbal ghrita, herbal and lipid based extract in scopolamine induced dementia and neurodegeneration in preclinical studies Balaji Deshmukh (O)  

  16. Curcumin for the Diagnosis of Alzheimers A. Umur Kayabasi*, Selcuk N. Cakmeceli (O)  

  17. Neuropharmacological activity of Dolichandrone atrovitrens (Roth) in Swiss albino mice Thirupathy Kumaresan Paraman*, Baby Roselin, Sri Vaishnavi T.(P)                 

  18. In search of an easy way to follow dietary recommendations, maintain a healthy weight and prevent obesity: the utility of the qualitative, dietary diary ‘Self-monitorYourDiet®’. Pilot study Lidia Wadolowska

  19. Diabetes Prevention Program Therese Nuzzolo (O)  

  20. Functional food for glycaemic management Claire Erraught (P)  

  21. Yerba Mate an Infusion Herb with Promising Biological (Antibacterial and Anti-Proliferative) Activity Roula Abdel-Massih*, Ali Jason Saleh, Leen Othman, Rita Ghanem, Michel Elchoueiry, Samer Bazzi, Elie Fayad, Sabah El-Sawalhi, Marwan Sabban (O)  

  22. Nutrition in hypertension Mansi Patil

  23. Assessing the Effect of Calcium Fortified Dairy Products on Bone Mineralization and Functionality in Adults aged 65 to 80 years: A Systematic Review Miriam Hagan*, Chimene Castor (O)

  24. Design and development of a broad spectrum photoprotective and antiaging topical formulation of Safranal Sanju Nanda (O)      

  25. Development of novel natural based compounds targeting different diseases Tzakos Andreas (O)

  26. Date palm fruit as potential functional food Jose Angel Perez-Alvarez (O)

  27. Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of antivenom potential of Alstonia scholaris bark extract in experimental mice models Sumana Sarkhel* (O)         

  28. A cost effective NGS approach to identify novel Lactobaccillus strains in microbiome samples.  Konstantinos Tegopoulos (P)    

  29. Apple by-product as a rich source of antioxidant compounds Rocio De la Pena-Armada*, Alejandra Garcia-Alonso, Immaculada, Mateos-Aparicio (O)   

  30. Bioactive Compounds from Marine Organisms Srichandan Rath (O)            

  31. Chia Protein Extraction Study Renata Adriana Labanca*, Vanessa Luciana dos Santos, Lovisa Eliasson, Epameinondas Xanthakis (P)                       

  32. Non-nutritive sweeteners Sacrw Tonna  (P)  

  33. Whole-Genome Sequencing, Genomic and Phylogenetic Analysis of a novel probiotic strain.  Theodora Tsirka (P)                     

  34. Effect of cell immobilization on the survival of presumptive probiotic Lactobacillus pentosus PE11 during storage of functional food ingredients. Paraskevi Somalou (P)           

  35. Potential biocatalyst production from green synthesis of gold nanoparticles capped with date palm mucilage Fozia Anjum     

  36. Recovery of bioactive compounds from fruit processing by-products by high pressure and enzyme assisted extraction and fractionation Petras Rimantas Venskutonis (O)                             

  37. Healthy dietary patterns in relation to sperm parameters and outcomes of assisted reproductive technologies Katarzyna Przybylowic        

  38. Optimizing osmotic dehydration of oyster mushrooms for quality improvement Natalia Stavropoulou*, Akrivi Kalousopoulou, Maria C. Giannakout          

  39. Biorefining platform for the recovery of bioactive compounds from the small fruit processing by-products and waste Petras Venskutonis (O)                                

  40. Self-reported lexicon tools for the emotion profiling of functional foods Malamatenia Panagiotou*, Tsimpliaraki Stavroula, Gkatzionis Konstantinos (P)                       

  41. The Potential Health Effects of Phytocompounds from Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis A.St.-Hill) on Metabolic Health: A Review of their Mechanisms of Actions Afa K. Palu*, Tiffany Chu, Jamie Preston, Robert Poon, Stephanie Kung, Erin Glynn (O)      

  42. Acute effect of a novel, functional olive oil, enhanced with selected, Greek herbs and olive by-products, on postprandial biomarkers of inflammation and oxidative stress Olga Papagianni*, Chrysoula Kaloteraki, Antonios E. Koutelidakis (O)                                                              

  43. Development of novel crackers from alternative flours from local Mediterranean legumes and by-products Poriazi Foteini*, Antonios Koutelidakis, Gkatzionis Konstantino, Gianoutsos Konstantinos, Dana Koukourmaki (O)

  44. Functional Foods based on liquid egg-white protein Patroklos Vareltzis*, Avrakomi Matzaridou, Papaliagkas Vasileios (O)      

  45. Development, nutritional values, and bioavailability by in vitro digestion analysis on dairy functional products fortified with Mediterranean plant extracts from North Aegean Aikaterini Kandillari* (O)   

  46. Developing functional kefir beverages with immobilized cultures.  Ioanna Karapantzou (P)                                                                                                  

  47. Brownies with Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG): Baked product innovation and an assessment of sensory acceptability Barbara Ann Potenciano-Valdez, Ana Teresa L. Ibo, Eufemio G. Barcelon      

  48.  Macroalgae as functional food Mona Ismail (P)

  49.    Novel "neo" NutriFood with multiple positive effects in well-being/health Charalampia M. Dimou

  50. Study of the antioxidant activity and the total phenolic content of innovative crackers consisting of legume flour and by-products Chatzicharalampous D., Koutelidakis A. (P)

  51. Developing functional food ingredients for maintaining digestive health Ioannis Kourkoutas*, Ioanna Prappa (O)

  52. Microbiome Analysis is a key for the development of Functional Food Marirenna Grigoriou (O)

  53. Phytochemical and Probiotic consumption: Role on gut microbiota and efficacy on gastrointestinal disorders Panorea Bousdouni*, Antonios Koutelidakis (O)

  54. Hempseed biorefinery: a perspective towards the development of food products in the bioeconomy era Natsia A., Papadaki, A., Kopsahelis, N. (O)

  55. Biosurfactant production using GRAS lactobacilli strains: Process optimization and food product development Kachrimanidou V.*, Alimpoumpa, D., Alexandri, M., Papadaki, A., Kopsahelis, N. (O)