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Limnia Ge Hotel

The conference will take place at the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of the Aegean, Myrina, Lemnos, Greece (10 Garoufalidi Street) on September 23-25, 2022. Please read on to find more information regarding the venue, hotel, and possible places to visit while staying in Lemnos!

Department of Food Science and Nutrition, University of the Aegean, Myrina, Lemnos, Greece.

Accommodations: Recommended Hotels

list of recommended hotels near the FCC 3Oth International Conference location:


*Participants can go by walking to the conference rooms (5-10 min)

Limnia Gi is one of the best choice for booking your hotel room, they have very well renovated rooms and it is located into the city center, next to the conference room.


Below you can find a list of recommended hotels that we have contacted and offer us better prices for your stay in Lemnos for 20-25 September. The prices refer per night and VAT included.

  • Hotel Diamantidis,, tel. 22540 22397 or 22540 24002 (near the conference venue). Price €65 for a single room and €90 for a double, with breakfast
  • Hotel Limnia Gi,, tel. 2254 024927 or 2254 024928 (next to the conference). Price €50 for a single room and €60 for a double, without breakfast
  • Ifestos Hotel,, tel. 22540 22950 or 22540 24980 (next to the beach, 10 minutes walking distance from the conference). Price €65 for a single room and €90 for a double, with breakfast
  • Artemis Traditional House Hotel,, 6946799447 (10 minutes walking distance from the conference venue). Price €40 for a single and €45 for a double room, without breakfast
  • Hotel, Amygdalies Apartments,, tel 2254 023489 (10 minutes walking distance from the conference venue). Price €50 for a single or double room, without breakfast
  • Grand Patelli Hotel,, tel 6940280009 (10 minutes walking distance from the conference venue). Price €80 for a double room and €95 for a suite

*During your communication, you can mention that the reservation concerns the Conference held by the University of the Aegean, by Mr. Koutelidakis, so that the above offered prices can be applied.

**For all telephone numbers please add the code +30 for calling to Greece

The island of Lemnos is a beautiful gem in the Aegean Sea, with a rich history and beautiful beaches. There are many different sites that can be visited and there will be different expeditions such as bus tours and hiking tours that can be utilized.


Lemnos is a beautiful island in the Aegean sea.  It is also the location of the University of the Aegean - Lemnos which is the co-host and location of the 30th international conference. This specific campus is home to the Department of Food Science and Nutrition. It boasts a collection of gorgeous beaches and sites that are rich in local history. The island of Lemnos is most well known in mythology as the site of Hepheastus’ landing after being thrown off of Mount Olympus and was nursed back to health. The village of Myrina has many hotels within walking distance of the university and is reachable by ferry directly to its port or by transport from Lemnos’ International Airport.

Places to visit:

  1. Church of Agios Nikolaos in Myrina 
    A beautiful church at the top of a hill overlooks the entire city of Myrina.
  2. Kastro van Myrina : Castle entrance is located at the end of the pier in Myrina (15 min drive ~ 5.2 km)
    This is a byzantine era castle that was established in 1186 AD by Emporer Komnenos. This castle was later on used by the ottoman Turks which can be seen by the remnants of a mosque that was built to accommodate the different rules
  3. Ancient Poliochni 30km outside of Myrina (35 min drive)
    It is the excavation site of the ancient city of Poliochni which is believed to be the oldest city in Europe. Archeologists have found the remains of 4 separate cities all built on top of each other
  4. There are 3 beaches in Myrina itself:
    a. Myrina Beach: Semi-organized, family-friendly beach. It is both a sandy beach and a    pebble beach. 
    b. Myrina Romaikos Gialos Beach: Semi-organized, family-friendly beach. Located in a more suburban area of Myrina. It is a short beach with shallow waters and many tourist facilities. 
    c. Myrina Riha Nero Beach: Semi-organized, family-friendly beach. Provides water sports rentals. Is known for its shallow waters
    d. There are then 18 other beaches all around the island. The three mentioned here are either organized or semi-organized and are in the main city.
  5. Panagia Kakaviotissa: a bit far from Myrina ( a hike away). 
    It is a gorgeous roofless church that uses the natural landscape as a cover. It also has a view of the mountains and the sea in the distance
  6. Katsaiti Waterfalls: It is a hike away and most likely will need to be guided by someone experienced with the area. 
  7. Windmills in Kontias: 
    It is a series of 5 windmills just outside the village of Kodias

There are two ways to get to the island of Lemnos:

Plane: There are connecting flights to Lemnos’ International airport that is on the island. 
Ferry: There is a ferry that goes to Lemnos from ports in Athens and other major ports in Greece. All ferries arrive in the port of Myrina. Ferries also may arrive from ports in turkey. Make sure to do research and book the ferry in advance. 

Car Rentals in Myrina:

Petrides travel & car rental : +30 2254 029550 Posidonos, Mirina 814 00, Greece
Limnos Car Rental : +30 2254 023777 Hristodoulidi 2, Mirina 814 00, Greece
Myrina Cars - CAR RENTAL : +30 2254 025881 Πλατε?α ΚΤΕΛ, 814 00, Greece
Holiday Rentals : (2 branches - one in Myrina’s port and one at the international airport) 


Bus Tour: 
There will be a bus tour available to the first 20 to 25 people to buy passage on Saturday the 24th of September. This excursion will take its attendees to visit both the geo park and the amothines. This 4-hour excursion will be provided through Petrides Tavel.  The amothines are the sand dunes that occur naturally on the island of lemnos. The geo park that is on the island of lemnos features these interesting yellow rock formations on the cliffs next to the sea. Lemnos is a wonder of geology as it has many interesting rock formations and environments that are not very common for Greece.