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Certified Functional Food Scientist/Professional program

Interested in expanding your career and your knowledge of functional foods?

Become a Certified Functional Food Scientist or Professional!

To become a earn your certification, you must earn 60 credits

Credits can be earned in a variety of ways, including participating in our upcoming conference (20-30 credits)!

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Completion of our Guided Program of Study (GPS) or our Personalized Project Program (PPP) provide the full 60 credits needed to become a Certified Functional Food Scientist or Professional.

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Each program is a great opportunities to expand your knowledge on the emerging fieldof Functional Food Science, including several units on learning how functional foods (FF) and bioactive compounds can be used to reduce one’s risk for contracting COVID-19 andmitigate health risks associated with the virus.

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Personalized Project Program

  • 60 training hours
  • Self-guided training/study
  • Customized learning material
  • Gain eligibility for FF scientist/professional certification
  • Cost: $595

Guided Program of Study

  • 60 training hours
  • Instructor-guided training/study
  • Customized learning material
  • Gain eligibility for FF scientist/professional certification
  • Cost: $895

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Can Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds Reduce the Risk of Chronic and Viral Diseases?

FFC's 29th International Conference

April 29-30, 2021, Live, Virtual Online Event

Dear Readers,

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We are pleased to announce that the FFC’s 29th International Conference has been scheduled for April 29-30, 2021. Due to the ongoing COVID-19  pandemic, the conference will be a live, virtual online event. Since there is no need to travel, we hope that many of you will be encouraged to participate from wherever you are in the world. The central theme for the FFC’s 29th International Conference will be "Can Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds Reduce the Risk of Chronic and Viral Diseases?” During this conference, field experts from around the world will discuss the usage of functional foods and bioactive compounds as dietary interventions for viral diseases, such as COVID-19, as the current pandemic has made the need for enhancing immunity and reducing risk of disease more apparent. Considering the impact of chronic disease on the outcome of viral disease, we will also be reviewing functional foods for the management of chronic disease. The complete list of full sessions included in the conference will be as follows:

  1. Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds: Definition and Regulation
  2. Functional Foods and Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)
  3. Bioactive Compounds and COVID-19
  4. Enhancing the Immune System to Fight Chronic and Viral Diseases Including COVID-19 
  5. Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds for the Management of other Viral Diseases
  6. COVID-19 and Antibody Science and Vaccine Development
  7. Functional Foods for the Management of Chronic Diseases
  8. Bioactive Compounds and Chronic Diseases
  9. The Role of Functional Foods in Aging Demographic
  10. Research and Development of New Functional Food Products for Chronic and Infectious Diseases

We invite you to learn more about our upcoming conference on our official conference page!

FFC 29th International Conference Page

Registration Fee

See below for the registration fee rates! Registration fees are in USD, and payments are completed using our online store. The registration fee will cover the Conference Proceedings book (Abstract book) and a 12-month membership to the Academic Society for Functional Foods and Bioactive Compounds. Each registration allows the registrant to present up to 3 accepted abstracts maximum. Registration includes access to the entire program and Expo, presentation materials, and networking with expert speakers and organizing committee members.

Visit our conference page to learn about our cancellation policy. 

Interested in submitting an abstract?

Consider this an opportunity to share your research to a global audience! We encourage you to submit your abstract to be considered to present at FFC’s 29th International Conference. 

Starting December 15, 2020, we will be accepting abstract submissions. Our organizing committee members will review all submissions, then decisions on selection will promptly be communicated via email. 

Please visit these links for more details: 

Call for Abstracts          Abstract Submission Procedures        Abstract Sample

Financial Aid

We understand that many have been impacted financially by COVID-19; thus, the FFC is pleased to announce that financial aid is available. Apply today to increase your chances of receiving financial aid. Applications are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis and are awarded until all available funding has been allocated. 

Please visit the links below to learn more and apply 

                    Financial Aid Information                   Financial Aid Application

New Textbook Announcement

Inspired by our last conference FFC28: “Functional and Healthy Foods for Longevity: Bioactive Compounds and Biomarkers in Age-Related Diseases,” we have decided to that our next book in our Functional Foods textbook series will be about Functional Foods and Healthy Aging

If you are interested in writing a chapter on the role of a functional food or bioactive compound in healthy aging, please complete the following tasks in this order:

  1. Send an email to requesting a sample example of a book chapter. Once we send you the chapter sample, please take the time to review it. 
  2. Afterwards, submit an abstract of your chapter by January 5th, 2020
  3. Once your abstract has been accepted, submit your final, completed chapter draft by March 12th, 2021

Watch the 28th International Conference Video Here!

We are also delighted to present to you our compilation video from our last conference, FFC’s 28th International Conference. This video contains segments from some of our featured presentations. If you were unable to attend our last conference, this is an excellent way to preview how our upcoming virtual conference will be conducted.  We invite you to like and share this video with your colleagues.