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Certified Functional Food Scientists 

This page showcases researchers, scientists, and industry leaders that have gained their certification as Functional Food Scientists through the Functional Food Center. This achievement exemplified their dedication to the understanding and furthering of the functional foods field. We are proud to display their achievements and provide them with a professional certification that may help them to continue doing unique and meaningful work in the field of functional foods.

Want to be part of this list?

The FFC is committed to providing students, researchers, and industry professionals alike with education in functional foods. If you would like to gain your certification to become a Functional Food Scientist, send an application today! This is a position that is intended only for those who have an MD, PhD, or are currently in the processes of obtaining one in a field of science. Depending on your experience in functional foods and involvement in FFC events, we can assign you an appropriate amount of credits and guide you through the process of obtaining your certification.

What are You Waiting for?

Eligibility for the Functional Food Scientist or Professional exam can only be determined after evaluation of your submitted application. Please fill out application form and submit. After submitting this application form, check your email for information on your eligibility. 
*From November 25, 2018: for the Certified Functional Food Scientist could be applied by person who has PhD and MD degree or by other person who working in the field of Functional Food Science for more than 5 years and has BS or MSc degree.