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Print copies of FFHD Volume 10, Issues 01-06 are now available for purchase on Amazon! 

This paperback book is a semiannual edition of our journal Functional Foods in Health and Disease featuring  a compilation of articles that have been published from January to July 2020.

Students and university faculty members interested in learning about the latest research of bioactive compounds, including sterols, minerals, vitamins, as well as their roles in treating chronic and viral disease would greatly benefit from having this as a resource  in their personal or university library. Price: $95

We are currently working on publishing a collection of paperback books, featuring semiannual editions of every FFHD journal, dating back to 2011. 

Click the image above to view the print version of FFHD Volume 10, Issues 1-6 on Amazon

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Print versions of single, monthly issues are also available on Amazon for $29

This would also make a great resource for research and studying for students and professors to have available in their university libraries. 

It can also serve as a valuable keepsake for authors who are interested in having a print copy of their published research.

Click the image above to view a single issue copy on Amazon!

Currently, there are single issues of Volumes 9 and 10 are available for purchase, but print copies of previous issues are coming soon!

We would also like to showcase our Functional Food textbook series, which includes 8 books that discuss the role of functional food in addressing various health conditions. 

Like our FFHD journal, this can also serve as a great resource for students and teachers interested in nutrition and functional food science to have in their university libraries. 

Our textbook series can also serve the basis for college courses or as supplementary reading for college courses.

Click the image above to view a sample of our book on Amazon. 

Price: $245.00. FFC would also like to offer its readers a 50% discount for the two hard copy versions of Volume 8, if purchased through the FFC’s website. This deal is active for the next 48 hours. Use the code "Corona50%" to receive your discount.

FFC Job Openings 

November XXth, 2020

By the FFC Editorial Team

Dear Readers, 

The Functional Food Center is currently looking for highly qualified and motivated individuals who are willing to represent our company and scientific journals by fulfilling one of the following open job positions: 

Editorial Board Members for the FFHD and BCHD

Position Description: The Journal of Functional Foods in Health and Disease(FFHD)  and The Journal of Bioactive Compounds in Health and Disease(BCHD) currently has an opening available for the position of Editorial Board member. While this is an unpaid position, the selected individual will be privy to a number of benefits such as official acceptance onto our editorial board, the opportunity to have their own research articles published in our journal with 50% discount, and be eligible to receive expert references from accomplished scientists. 

Food Industry/Medical Industry/Academic Universities and Research Institutions Liaisons

Position Description: Functional Food Center is looking for individuals who can help to grow our business worldwide. We are looking for individuals who are currently a part of the food industry, medical industry, or academic or research institutions who are well connected to experts in their field via multiple channels and networking mediums. As representatives of our company, liaisons will be expected to market and sell our textbooks and print journals to their respective audiences. They will also be expected to recruit participants for our active projects, such as the personalized educational program (GPS) and our Certified Functional Food Professional/Scientist programs. Liaisons will also advertise our upcoming conference to potential presenters and attendees from their respective fields via advertisements on social media, newsletters, and websites, and maintain relationships with those who have these interests within our company. Those who are chosen to fill this position will have the flexibility to work remotely from anywhere in the world, and connect to representatives in their immediate local areas. This is a commission-based position, and liaisons will have the opportunity to determine their own pay based on performance. Liaisons with existing connections will be the most ideal candidates for this opportunity. We are looking for people who are creative, self-motivated, dependable, and highly driven to work in independent environments.

Please visit our website for specific qualifications and job descriptions, as well as application information.

Contact via email at for any additional questions.

Corporate Address: 5050 Quorum Drive, Suite 700, #338 Dallas, TX, 75254, USA
Toll Free: 1-(866)-202-0487; Phone: (496)-441-8272